G3ict: The Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs
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Wednesday, September, 26, 2007
02:30 - 02:40 Overview of the new Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its Article 9 covering ICTs, likely legislative agendas around the world, and G3ict's mission

Overview of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
- Adriana Zarraluqui, Associate Human Rights Officer, Research and Right to Development Branch, United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
G3ict Overview
- Pauley Tedoff, G3ict, Program Manager

    Wednesday, September, 26, 2007
    02:40 - 03:10 Challenges and opportunities for the employment of youth with disabilities and the role of accessible and assistive ICTs - presented by educators, employers, NGOs, and public sector representatives

    - The Organization for American States' (OAS) Trust for the Americas' Partnership for Opportunities in Employment through Technologies in the Americas (POETA) - René Leon, POETA Program Officer
    - Politecnico di Milano - Licia Sbattella, Professor
    - International Telecommunications Union - Yun Ling, BDT Special Initiatives
    - International Labor Organization (ILO) - Pia Korpinen, Associate Expert, Skills Dept.

      Wednesday, September, 26, 2007
      03:10 - 03:50 Sharing of best practices by young professionals living with disabilities pioneering solutions in the workplace

      - Air France's Projet Handicap - Caroline Millous, Director
      - Beneficiary of Projet Handicap - Esther Niclosse, Travel and Ticketing Agent
      - Freedom Scientific - Jan Bloem, International Sales Manager
      - Politecnico di Milano - Alessandro Campi, Professor
      - Service Romand d'Informatique pour Handicapés de la Vue - Christophe Oberson

        Wednesday, September, 26, 2007
        03:50 - 04:00 Summary and conclusions: how to further inclusive and assistive ICTs for youth

        G3ict, Pauley Tedoff, Program Manager