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ICAT 2009 - Third International Conference on Accessible Tourism

  • Singapore
  • April 22-24, 2009

The Disabled People’s Association is a voluntary welfare organisation which serves as an advocate of all persons with disabilities.  In line with its mission to be the Voice of People with Disabilities, it will host the Third International Conference for Accessible Tourism (ICAT) from April 22-24, 2009.

ICAT 2009 aims to bring People with Disabilities to the heart of a more inclusive global society.  Themed, ‘Tourism Unlimited: Access for All’, the event endeavors to break down barriers to accessibility and allow free mobility for all.  As this event promotes accessible tourism in the Asia-Pacific region, Singapore offers a strategic location as the ICAT’s objectives fall in line with the country’s aim to become a Global City for All where unlimited access is allowed by universally-designed buildings and facilities.  

However, more than just a platform for disability issues, ICAT 2009 also serves as a profitable avenue for the tourism sector to explore the many possibilities of expanding their businesses.  Accessible tourism is a growing market considering the population increase of the elderly, not to mention expectant mothers, families with young children, apart from people with disabilities who love to travel independently or with care givers and family members.  Understanding this promising business venture would surely turn over high economic gains in the long run that will benefit not only travel and tourism companies but also the country itself, particularly its people.

For further information, please visit http://www.icat2009.com.sg/index.php