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G3ict presents at 2009 IEEE Conference
"Accessing the Future: A Global Collaborative Exploration for Accessibility in the Next Decade"

  • Boston, MA, USA
  • July 20-21, 2009
  • Northeastern University

Read Dr. Michael Lightner, 2009 IEEE co-Chair, post-conference blog at http://g3ict.org/resource_center/newsletter/news/p/newsletterId_/id_162

The first IEEE conference dedicated to identifying the next generation of accessibility challenges. These challenges arise from the increasingly pervasive use of technologies such as 3-D Web, online collaboration, shared medical records, and advanced systems for transportation and communication.

By identifying challenges early in the technology cycle, standards, interfaces and policies can be developed to ensure that the needs, accessibility requirements and inclusion of the 650 million people with disabilities worldwide, along with the rapidly increasing aging population, are considered beforehand rather than as an afterthought.

This international conference, co-sponsored by IBM, will consist of a plenary session with keynote speakers and panel and working sessions with speakers, panelists and participants from diverse sectors including, academia, industry, government, advocacy groups, and others. A poster session is also planned. This first conference will focus on four areas:

• Universal design and accessibility standards
• Patient-centered collaborative care
• 3D-Web and collaboration
• Transportation and Travel

Conference co-Chairs:

Dr. Michael Lightner
2006 IEEE President
Professor and Chair, Department of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering, University of Colorado at Boulder

Ms. Frances W. West
Director, IBM Human Ability and Accessibility Center

Technical Program Chair:

Dr. Donna Hudson
IEEE 2007-2008 EMBS President, Professor, University of California, San Francisco

Keynote Speakers:

Mr. Axel Leblois

Executive Director, G3ict – The Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs, United Nations

Dr. Nicholas Bowen
Vice-President of Technology, IBM

For additional information, please visit http://webapps1.ieee.org/conferenceSearch/details.do;jsessionid=wxhnJXqSP26J3fphvLRJWvpP9VrYR1l4qh3kLnt2Q52l4q6kZYtq!947460483!-1972355893?tagNo=15505