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ILO International Training Centre
"Labour Market Inclusion of People with Disabilities”
ILO Training course for professionals from developing and transition countries 

The ILO International Training Centre is offering a course on “Labour market inclusion of people with disabilities” (course A901286). The course language will be English and registration is open to staff involved in policy making, planning, implementation, research of Ministries, Social Partners and other institutions working on disability and social inclusion. Please note that this course is especially designed for participants from developing and transition countries.

The course programme offers the possibility to learn more about legislation and mechanisms for labour market inclusion of people with disabilities in developing and transition countries, provides the opportunity to get to know different international experience and good practice.

The conditions of participation are the following:

The price of the course is EURO 2,950. This amount includes the cost of training and subsistence (full board and lodging at the Turin Centre).

The ILO International Training Centre offers a number of partial fellowships to co-finance the costs of the course. If you wish to apply for a fellowship, please contact us as soon as possible. The partial fellowships are for EURO 1,200, the difference is EURO 1,750.

Not included is the cost of international air travel from the country of origin to Turin, which has to be covered by the participants.

In order to register and to apply for a partial fellowship, candidates should send us:
1. A completed nomination form (attached);
2.  A "letter of commitment" by the participant’s organization (or a donor organization) stating that it will cover:
a) the cost of the course, namely EURO 2,950 – or in case you request a fellowship, the remaining cost of the course of EURO 1,750.-;
b) the international return ticket to Turin.

These documents should be sent to:
Ms. Alessandra MOLZ: a.molz@itcilo.org Tel: +39011693 6428
Ms. Elisabetta BELLORA: e.bellora@itcilo.org Tel: +39011-693 6561. Fax: +39011-693 6451

13 March 2009

Viale Maestri del Lavoro, 10, 10127 Torino, ITALIA
Tel.: +39-011-693 64 28, Fax: +39-011-693 64 51

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