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G3ict-GAAT Work Session on Georgia Accessible Travel & Tourism
  • Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • June 15, 2009
  • InterContinental Hotels Group Headquarters
  • G3ict-GAAT (Georgia Alliance for Accessible Technologies)

Leading Edge ICT Services for Accessible Tourism and Transportation

On June 15, 2009, the Georgia Alliance for Accessible Technologies (GAAT) convened a brainstorming meeting among leading private and public sector organizations from Atlanta and other parts of the State to discuss how technology may be applied to make travel and tourism more accessible for persons with disabilities.  Delta Air Lines, the Governor’s Council on Development Disabilities, Intercontinental Hotels, the Georgia Institute of Technology, Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport (busiest airport in the world), IBM, the Georgia Department of Economic Development and a number of participants shared leading edge ICT applications for travelers with disabilities. 

Among case studies explored during the session were the rendition of visual experiences with sounds for blind visitors of the Georgia Aquarium, advanced path finding and geo-positioning services for persons with disabilities, Delta’s extensive training and certification of over 2,000 agents among its personnel worldwide to accommodate persons with disabilities and a preview of the features of Intercontinental Hotels leading edge accessible reservation web site to be released this summer.  The group will continue its investigation to identify and foster the development of ICT based travel and tourism services for persons with disabilities. It is expected to publish its finding early November with the publication of a White Paper on accessible travel and tourism. 

G3ict, together with other Georgia based institutions, established the Georgia Alliance for Accessible Technologies in October 2008 as a pilot project to promote accessible and assistive technologies in specific areas of activity.