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Publication Release: Global Strategy and Practice of E-Governance: Examples from Around the World


Contact: Christine Bufton                                                     
Title: Promotions and Communications Coordinator
Address: 701 E. Chocolate Ave., Hershey, PA 17033
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Joint Efforts to Guard Global E-Governance after African Sites Jeopardized

Hershey, PA – February 7, 2011 – With cyber attacks greatly affecting multiple African government websites recently, the development and implementation of such websites has been closely scrutinized. Tunisia, Kenya, and Zimbabwe are currently dealing with the backlash of security and efficiency criticisms. Security experts contend that the African region is more susceptible to hacker attacks due to a lack of upgrades in protection systems. One expert, CEO of Security Risk Solution, Kostja Reim notes that “more than 80 percent of the region's websites are vulnerable to hackers.” (http://www.itworldcanada.com/news/website-attacks-raise-questions-about-african-data-security/142301)

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As the affected nations work to better their governance technologies, Rwanda and Kenya are going further by building additional data backup facilities for the region, in efforts to decrease Africa’s dependence on European and US services. Global interactions such as the share of backup storage is prevalent in today’s connected world. Editors Danilo Piaggesi (Fondazione Rosselli Americas (FRA) & International Knowledge Economy Program (IKEP), USA); Kristian Sund (Middlesex University, UK); and Walter Castelnovo (University of Insubria, Italy) discuss trends, issues and challenges surrounding the governance of and with information and communication technologies in a globalized, knowledge-based world, in their latest release from IGI Global, Global Strategy and Practice of E-Governance: Examples from Around the World.

This publication provides readers with an overview of relevant strategy and policy-level theoretical frameworks and examples, as well as up-to-date implementations from around the world.  "I believe this book provides a valuable contribution as it examines the impact of ICTs on many sectors, focusing in particular on the new role of society, the global economy, and the state. Technological innovation in the use of the ICTs has spawned dynamic and continual production,” says Enrique V. Iglesias, Ibero-American Secretary General, Spain. 

“Today, there are innumerable experiences fruit of innovation and creativity at every level. Rather than being the sole purview of Research Centers, such innovations are to be found in many arenas, an encouraging sign as to the viability of state reform,” Iglesias explains. “Knowledge about these experiences is in part the purpose of this book, and sharing them is its best contribution given the caliber of the contributors and the wide range of cases presented. I congratulate those who supported this effort for the many interesting contributions contained in this book."

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