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Speakers Profiles - By Session - Day 1 Afternoon
Speakers Profiles - By Session - Day 2 Morning
Speakers Profiles - By Session - Day 1 Morning
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Speakers Profiles - By Session - Day 2 Morning / Afternoon



Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - Morning / Afternoon
Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center, National Harbor

11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Breakout Sessions - Part 1

Technology, Application and Services for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

Session 1A: Designing Accessible Mobile Websites and Accessible Mobile Apps

Session Chair:

Jutta Treviranus, Professor and Director, Inclusive Design Research Centre and Inclusive Design Institute, OCAD University, Canada
Jutta Treviranus is the Director of the Inclusive Design Research Centre (IDRC) and professor in the faculty of Design at OCAD University in Toronto.  She also heads the Inclusive Design Institute, a multi-university regional centre of expertise. She has led many international multi-partner, multi-sector research networks that have created broadly implemented technical innovations that support inclusion. Ms. Treviranus and her team have pioneered personalization as an approach to accessibility in the digital domain through projects such as Web4All, Fluid and FLOE. She has played a leading role in developing accessibility legislation, standards and specifications internationally (including WAI ATAG, IMS AccessForAll, ISO 24751, and AODA Information and Communication).


Preety Kumar, CEO, Deque Systems, Inc.
Ms. Kumar is the Founder and CEO at Deque Systems, Inc.  She co-founded Deque in 2000 and counts many of the world's largest corporations and most of the Departments of the US Federal government as satisfied customers. Prior to joining Deque Systems, Ms. Kumar held technical and managerial positions with Bell Atlantic.


§  Janina Sajka, Fellow, The LINUX Foundation

§  Judy Brewer, Director, Web Accessibility Initiative, W3C

§  Kazuhito Kidachi, Corporate Director, General Manager of Research and Development Department, Mitsue-Links Co., Ltd.

§  Derek Featherstone, Web Accessibility Consultant and Founder, Further Ahead

§  Dylan Barrell, VP, Product Development co-presenting with Brian Kerr, Software Developer, Deque Systems, Inc. (presenting the case study of Humana Family Tree Mobile App)

Session 1B: Innovator's Session - Mobile Apps and Services for Learning and Cognitive Disabilities

Session Chair:

Clayton Lewis, Scientist in Residence, Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities, University of Colorado
Mr. Clayton Lewis is Professor of Computer Science and Scientist in Residence at the Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities at the University of Colorado. He is well known for his work (with students and colleagues) on evaluation methods in user interface design, including the thinking aloud and cognitive walkthrough methods. His recent work on technology for people with cognitive disabilities has been presented to the US Access Board Technical Advisory Committee, CSUN, RESNA, ACM ASSETS, and other forums. He is a member of the CHI Academy, recognizing his contributions to Human Computer Interaction.


Debra Ruh, Chief Marketing Officer, SSB BART Group
Ms. Ruh's career experience includes hiring, retaining, and accommodating employees with disabilities.  She has worked with multi-national corporations and government to ensure people with disabilities have full access to Internet, Communications and Technology (ICT). Debra serves as an officer and member of the Board of Directors of USBLN.  She is a member of the Board of Directors for G3ict, a UN-affiliated non-profit created to assure that people with disabilities world-wide have access to ICT.  And, she is an officer and on the Board of Directors for Virginia PEATC.


§  Sara Ruh, User Experience

§  Jim Mueller, User-Centered Research, Wireless RERC

§  Steve Jacobs, President, Ideal Group, Inc./ CEO, Apps4Android, Inc.

§  Jason Voiovich, Vice President, Marketing, AbleNet

§  Christopher Lundstrom, Executive Director North America, Doro

§  Anne Galang, Communications and Relationship Manager, Research In Motion

§  Andrew Gomory, CEO, Lingraphica

§  Aakash Sahney, Co-Founder and CTO, MyVoice

Session 1C: Innovator's Session - Mobile Apps and Solutions for Persons who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and/or Speech Impaired

Session Chair:

Claude Stout, Executive Director, TDI - Telecommunications for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Inc.
Mr. Stout has served as Executive Director of TDI since 1997.  He also serves as Chair of Deaf & Hard of Hearing Consumer Advocacy Network and he is a member of the FCC Consumer Advisory Committee.  Prior to joining TDI, Mr. Stout served as Assistant Director for Community Affairs with the North Carolina Division of Services for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing, and held positions at the National Association of the Deaf and at Gallaudet University. He graduated from Gallaudet University in 1978 with a B.S. degree in Business Administration and again in 1980 with an M.B.A. degree in Management.  


Andrea Saks, International Telecommunications Specialist for the Deaf; Convener  ITU JCA-AHF (Joint  Coordinating Activity on Accessibility and Human Factors)
Ms. Saks' work has been motivated by her own personal experience as the daughter of two deaf parents. Her father was a pioneer in deaf telecommunications and a precursor of the first textphones. Moving to the UK in 1972, Ms. Saks worked with the British Government Post Office for connection of text telephones on the regular telephone network and successfully lobbied the US FCC to allow the first transatlantic textphone conversation over the voice telephone network in 1975.  She became involved with ITU standardization activity in 1991. Self-funded, she currently attends many ITU-T study group and focus group meetings promoting the inclusion of accessibility functionality in systems being standardized by ITU, such as multimedia conferencing, cable, IPTV, NGN and cloud computing. Though she originally began work with deaf-related issues, she now represents any and all persons with disabilities.


§ Fernando Laguarda, Vice President, External Affairs and Policy Counselor, Time Warner Cable

§ Michael Maddix, Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs, Sorenson Communications, Inc. co-presenting with Jeff Rosen, General Counsel, ZVRS

§ Carol Wideman, CEO/Founder, Vcom3D

§ Dominic Gagliano, Vice President Blindness Sales, HumanWare

§ Kelby Brick, Vice President of Regulatory and Strategic Policy, Purple Communications, Inc.

§ Dennis Selznick, Business Innovation Manager, Sprint Relay

§ Mitchell Levy, CapTel Product Manager, Hamilton CapTel

§ Daniel Fok, Accessibility Program Manager, Research In Motion

§ Avalyn Jackson, Associate Director - Product Marketing, AT&T

§ Adrienne Biddings, Telecom Policy Counsel, Google, Inc.

Session 1D: Innovator's Session - Leading Apps and Solutions for Visually Impaired Users

Session Chair:

David Ross, Senior Rehabilitation Research Engineer, Atlanta VA Rehab R&D Center of Excellence in Vision Loss
David A. Ross has been a VA research scientist and rehabilitation engineer for 28 years. His research has focused on the development of strategies and technologies to improve the functional independence for veterans with visual impairment. Over the past 8 years he has been developing portable technologies to assist in outdoor and indoor wayfinding. These technologies include the use of machine vision, RFID information tags embedded in the environment, and detailed databases of information organized by the associated needs of specific segments of this population. He has also been developing accessible smart phone user interfaces specific to this population, and integrating each of the developed wayfinding technologies into the smart phone as smart phone applications.


Brad Hodges, Technology Program Associate, AFB - American Foundation for the Blind
Brad Hodges joined the staff of AFB TECH in 2005.  Mr. Hodges has focused on evaluating the accessibility of specialized technology for the blind. He collaborated in the design and introduction of the first hand-held reading machine for the blind. The user interface design and "Field of View Report" were among his major achievements. In addition, he joined the team which designed the digital Talking Book player for the National Library Service for the Blind. Mr. Hodges represents AFB on several committees which included an active leadership role in the advisory committee to the US Access Board which created the framework for the recently proposed Section 508 regulations.


§ John Herzog, User Experience, Apps4Android

§ Giovanni Ciaffoni, Software Engineer and Web Accessibility Consultant, Istituto dei Ciechi, F. Cavazza (Italy)

§ Michael May, President and CEO, Sendero Group

§ Jeremi Sudol, Co-Founder, IPPLEX/LookTel

§ Caroline Ragot, Managing Director, Code Factory

§ Varju Luceno, Director of Communications, DAISY Consortium

§ Carrie Bruce, Research Scientist, Sonification Lab, Georgia Institute of Technology

1:30 - 3:15 p.m.  Breakout Sessions - Part 2
Technology, Application and Services for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

Session 2A: How to Involve and Benefit from the Expertise of Persons with Disabilities in Developing Programs and Solutions

Session Chair:

Susan Mazrui, Director, Global Public Policy, AT&T Services, Inc.
Ms. Mazrui began work at Pacific Bell in 1994 where she gained experience in marketing, external and regulatory affairs. In 1998, she moved to the wireless field where she developed strategies for addressing Hearing Aid Compatibility and other state and federal compliance-related activities. Ms Mazrui also assisted in the development of Section 255 and 508 product development strategies in SBC and Cingular Wireless. From 1996-2007, she facilitated the Wireless Access Task Force, composed of national consumer advocates and currently works on a range of disability and consumer related initiatives at AT&T. Ms. Mazrui received her Master's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Education with an emphasis on computer education at San Francisco State University, magna cum laude.


Mike Paciello, Founder and Principal, The Paciello Group
For nearly 25 years, Mr. Paciello has served as an international leader, technologist and lecturer in the areas of emerging technology, usability, technical & legal standards, and accessibility. In 1997, Mr. Paciello received recognition from President William Clinton for his work in the creation of World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). Mike is author of the first book on web accessibility and usability, "Web Accessibility for People with Disabilities" and, along with several colleagues formed the International Committee for Accessible Document Design (ICADD).


§ Alexandra Gaspari, Accessibility Programme Officer, ITU- International Telecommunication Union, Telecommunication Standardization Bureau

§ Anita Shafer Aaron, Executive Director, World Institute on Disability

§ David Rojas, ICT4D Unit Director, The Trust for the Americas/OAS - Organization of American States

§ Cynthia Waddell, Executive Director, ICDRI - International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet

Session 2B: Cloud-based Solutions for Assistive Technologies.  Latest Implementations and Developments for the Workplace, e-Government, e-Health and e-Education

Session Chair:

Sue Swenson, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services, U.S. Department of Education
Sue Swenson is deputy assistant secretary for the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services in the U.S. Department of Education.  Sue previously served as CEO of The Arc US, as executive director of the Kennedy Foundation, and as US commissioner for developmental disabilities. She is the mother of three young men, one of whom has developmental disabilities.


Gerry Ellis, Feel The BenefIT, Ireland; Fellow of The Irish Computer Society
Gerry Ellis is a consultant in the area of Accessibility and Usability with more than 30 years of experience as a Software Engineer. He has been involved both nationally and internationally in organizations concerned with the social inclusion of people with disabilities for over 25 years.  Former Chairperson of the Irish Council of People with Disabilities, Mr. Ellis also sat on the board of People with Disabilities in Ireland (PWDI). He is currently, he is the Chairperson of the Dublin network. In addition, he is special adviser to the Universal Access Committee of the European Disability Forum. Mr. Ellis holds a Degree in Economics from University College Dublin.


§ Claudio Giugliemma, President, LucyTech, Inc. co-presenting with Irma Missaglia, Director, Cooperativa Sociale Sim-patia (Italy)

§ Gregg Vanderheiden, Founder, Raising the Floor/GPII, Ph.D., & Director Trace R&D Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison

§ Jay Wilpon, Executive Director, Speech Research, AT&T Labs - Research

§ Matt Tyrone Quinn, Computer Scientist, National Institute of Standard and Technology, U.S. Department of Commerce

Session 2C: Accessible and Assistive Apps and Solutions in Emergency Response 

Session Chair

James Arden Barnett, Jr., Rear Admiral, United States Navy (Retired); Chief, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau, FCC - Federal Communications Commission

James Arden Barnett, Jr., Rear Admiral (Ret.), is responsible for overseeing FCC activities pertaining to public safety, homeland security, emergency management and disaster preparedness, and represents the Commission on these issues before federal, state, and industry organizations. Before coming to the FCC, Chief Barnett was a Senior Research Fellow at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies,  a policy think tank focusing on science and technology issues, including cyber conflict and cyber security. From 1984 to 2001, Chief Barnett was a senior partner at Mitchell, McNutt and Sams, P.A. in Tupelo, Mississippi.


Derrick L. Cogburn,
Executive Director, Institute of Disability and Public Policy; Associate Professor of International Relations, International Communication Program, School of International Service, American University

Dr. Derrick L. Cogburn serves as Executive Director of the Institute on Disability and Public Policy (IDPP) funded by the Nippon Foundation of Japan. He holds a joint faculty appointment between American University, where he is Associate Professor of International Relations in the International Communication Program in the School of International Service and Syracuse University, where he is Associate Professor of Information in the School of Information Studies. Dr. Cogburn is the editor of the Palgrave Macmillan book series on Information Technology and Global Governance. Professor Cogburn received his PhD in political science (International Relations, Political Economy, and Comparative Politics) from Howard University in 1996.


§  Brad Hodges, Technology Program Associate, AFB - American Foundation for the Blind

§  Christian Vogler, Associate Professor and Director, Technology Access Program, Gallaudet University

§  David Furth, Deputy Bureau Chief, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau, FCC - Federal Communications Commission

§  Brian Fontes, CEO, NENA - National Emergency Number Association

§  Liddy Manson, President, BeClose

Session 2D: Accessible and Assistive Apps and Solutions in Travel and Tourism 

Session Chair:

Bill Curtis-Davidson, Accessible Transportation Solutions, IBM Research: Human Ability & Accessibility Center
Bill Curtis-Davidson is currently a Business Development and Solution Leader in the IBM Worldwide Human Ability & Accessibility Center. He is involved in providing specialized ICT accessibility consulting services to clients, and development of accessible kiosk solutions for multiple industries. An expert in U.S. Section 508 Standards, Mr. Curtis-Davidson is a seasoned consultant who leverages over 10 years of accessibility experience. Prior to joining IBM, Bill was a Research Scientist and Adjunct Professor at the Georgia Tech Center for Assistive Technology & Environmental Access. He received a B.F.A. Degree from the Savannah College of Art & Design in 1990, and an M.S. Degree in Information Design & Technology from Georgia Tech in 1998.


Jonathan Avila, Chief Accessibility Officer, SSB BART Group
One of Jonathan Avila's key responsibilities at SSB is to maintain the content in the Accessibility Management Platform (AMP)-a repeatable, scalable, and metrics-based accessibility testing platform for software, hardware, and web sites. In addition, Mr. Avila has written several journal articles on accessibility and has been involved in implementing accessibility support in the Adobe Flex framework. Jonathan also writes scripts for screen readers such as JAWS for Windows and Window-Eyes, making applications accessible and efficient for users who are blind. In 1999, Mr. Avila graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA with a B.S. in Computer Science,


§  Dan DeBeyer, Director, Rick Hansen Global Accessibility Map, Rick Hansen Foundation (Canada)

§  Michael May, President and CEO, Sendero Group (U.S.A.)

§  Philip L. Winters, Director, Transportation Demand Management Program, Center for Urban Transportation Research, University of South Florida  (U.S.A.)

§  Tom Wlodkowski, Director of Accessibility, AOL, Inc. (U.S.A.)

§  (Canada)

Session 2E: Monetizing Mobile Applications: Which business models work for mobile apps developers? Which OS platforms and distribution channels provide the most opportunities?

Session Chair:

David Dikter, CEO, ATIA - Assistive Technology Industry Association
David Dikter is the Executive Director of the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA).  ATIA's mission is to serve as the collective voice of the Assistive Technology industry so that the best products and services are delivered to people with disabilities. Mr. Dikter manages the overall mission and operation of ATIA and is responsible for all aspects of the ATIA annual conference, public awareness, government education and work on national policy issues. He sits on the W3C-Web Accessibility Initiative Steering Council and works with diverse groups to promote AT and the needs of individuals with disabilities.  Prior to joining ATIA, David worked in technology start-ups and spent 15 years working in school districts as a teacher of students with disabilities and as a technology leader.


Sam Fabens, AT&T
Sam Fabens works with a variety of clients to execute communications campaigns and manage stakeholder engagement in an effort to impact public policy and corporate reputation. Mr. Fabens supports these clients by managing projects within the broader campaigns, planning events, performing media outreach and analysis and providing background research


§  Mélanie Endres, Sales Director, Code Factory

§  Steve Jacobs, President, IDEAL Group, Inc. / CEO, Apps4Android, Inc.

§  Fouad Hassoun, CEO, Medialog Accessibilities

§  Aram Hekimian, Chairman and CEO, KAPSYS

4:00 p.m.  Plenary Session: Making Mobile Innovations Work for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities


John D. Kemp, President and CEO, ABILITIES!
With more than 45 years of direct experience in the disability movement, John D. Kemp has partnered, worked for and served on the Boards of Directors of some of the leading disability and nonprofit organizations. Mr. Kemp currently serves on the Medicaid Commission as well as the State Department's Advisory Committee on Persons with Disabilities which guides the Secretary of State and the Administrator of the Agency for International Development (USAID) in the formulation and implementation of U.S. foreign policy and assistance with respect to people with disabilities. Mr. Kemp graduated from Georgetown University in 1971 and from Washburn University School of Law in 1974. Mr. Kemp was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Law from Washburn University School of Law in May, 2003.


Karen Peltz Strauss, Deputy Chief, Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau, Federal Communications Commission
Ms. Peltz Strauss has over 25 years experience working on issues concerning telecommunications access for people with disabilities. Before joining the FCC, she co-founded the Coalition of Organizations for Accessible Technology, or COAT, a coalition of over 300 national and regional organizations dedicated to ensuring disability access to emerging Internet-based and digital communications technologies in the 21st century. She also served as legal counsel for Gallaudet University's National Center for Law and Deafness and the National Association of the Deaf. In 2006, Ms. Peltz Strauss published A New Civil Right: Telecommunications Equality for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Americans.

Susan Mazrui, Director, Global Public Policy, AT&T Services, Inc.
Ms. Mazrui began work at Pacific Bell in 1994 where she gained experience in marketing, external and regulatory affairs. In 1998, she moved to the wireless field where she developed strategies for addressing Hearing Aid Compatibility and other state and federal compliance-related activities. Ms Mazrui also assisted in the development of Section 255 and 508 product development strategies in SBC and Cingular Wireless. From 1996-2007, she facilitated the Wireless Access Task Force, composed of national consumer advocates and currently works on a range of disability and consumer related initiatives at AT&T. Ms. Mazrui received her Master's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Education with an emphasis on computer education at San Francisco State University, magna cum laude.

Frances West, World Wide Director, IBM Human Ability & Accessibility Center
Ms. West is charged with the worldwide responsibility of establishing IBM market leadership by promoting advanced research technology, products, services and solutions in the area of human ability and accessibility. She is currently a board member of the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), the Assistive Technology Industry Association, and the US Business Leadership Network.
Ms. West attended the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Washington & Lee University in Virginia, and graduated with a marketing degree from the University of Kentucky.

Summit Conclusions and Next Steps:

Axel Leblois, Executive Director, G3ict
Axel Leblois is the Founder and Executive Director of G3ict - the Global Initiative for Inclusive Technologies, an Advocacy Initiative of the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development. A graduate of Sciences-Po in Paris, Axel Leblois holds an MBA from INSEAD. After more than 20 years at the helm of information technology companies in the US, Axel Leblois launched G3ict in 2006, with the support of UN GAID, and in cooperation with the Secretariat for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities at UNDESA.  To promote and facilitate the implementation of the dispositions of the Convention in matters of accessible and assistive ICTs, G3ict works in close cooperation with organizations representing persons with disabilities, the ICT industry, the public sector, academia and United Nations affiliated organizations.

Edward J. Krause, President and CEO, E.J. Krause & Associates, Inc.
Founded in 1984, Mr. Krause took over the reins of EJK from his father Ted Krause, who was a pillar of the industry in his own right, and built the company into an industry leader. Prior to EJK, Mr. Krause served as the Director of Marketing of Clapp & Poliak International, where he spearheaded a successful move into developing markets in Latin America and the Far East. This included organizing the first major U.S. trade show ever held in China since normalization in 1980. Prior to that, Mr. Krause held major responsibilities for trade events at the US Department of Commerce International Trade Administration and the US Department of Transportation.