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G3ict Global Inquiry Kick-off Workshop: "Broadband Adoption by Persons with Disabilities"

  • Washington, D.C., USA
  • December 7, 2011
  • Federal Communications Commission
  • Livestreaming of event: www.fcc.gov/live

Organized in cooperation with

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Please join leading broadband service providers, IT vendors, organizations of persons with disabilities, policy makers and research institutions for the kick-off meeting of G3ict’s global inquiry on solutions to accelerate broadband adoption by persons with disabilities.
Why Does it Matter to your Organization?

The survey released in February 2010 by the Federal Communications Commission shows that 39% of the non-adopters of broadband in the United States are persons with disabilities.  This percentage is more than double the national average of 16% of the overall population of persons with disabilities. Other countries also show a disproportionately low level of adoption of broadband among persons with disabilities. While representing the single largest group of underserved population for broadband services, persons with disabilities are also one of the most diverse, with multiple specific and challenging issues for service providers. 

While national, state and local governments are keen to accelerate broadband adoption in support of economic and social development, service providers, broadcasters and their respective eco-systems are also motivated to expand usage and the overall market for broadband products and services.  Those include television, high speed Internet and voice over IP services.   In the United States, broadband services are available to 93% of households, but only 63% subscribe to them.  This indicates that a large underserved market remains available. Since the largest single segment (39%) of this market is made up of persons with disabilities, exploring solutions to better serve them is an important strategic, marketing and corporate citizenship imperative for service and technology solution providers. 

What Will You Gain in Participating in this Workshop?

The workshop will provide you with:

  • An update of the latest available research in the United States and abroad on broadband adoption by persons with disabilities
  • A review of the issues which constitute the main barriers to broadband adoption by persons with disabilities
  • Feedback from experts and organizations of persons with disabilities as to which approaches may be most effective for service providers

  • Comparisons with international experiences and strategies adopted for other telecommunications services such as fixed or mobile telephony

  • An opportunity to shape the G3ict international inquiry taking place in 2012

Participating Organizations:

  • Federal Communications Commission                  
  • Microsoft
  • G3ict                                                            
  • AT&T
  • IBM                                                              
  • Turner Broadcasting
  • Time Warner Cable 
  • W2i-Digital Inclusion Forum

Program Moderators:
Pam Gregory, Director, Accessibility & Innovation Initiative, Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau, FCC

· Axel Leblois, Executive Director, G3ict – Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs, an Advocacy Initiative of the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development

Program Director:

· Daniel Aghion, Executive Director, W2i Digital Inclusion Forum, author of the Broadband Adoption Toolkit

Who Should Participate?

National disability policymakers, national, state and local broadband planners, disabilities organizations, broadband services, technology solution vendors and technology policy executives.


RSVP Today to: cmleblois@W2i.com / Call: 404 918 9011

Media Inquiries: Email: Daniel Aghion or Call: 404 918 9011

Wednesday December 7, 2011 | 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street SW
Washington, DC 20554


Download FCC Report: Broadband Adoption and Use in USA http://g3ict.org/resource_center/publications_and_reports/p/productCategory_studies/subCat_13/id_235