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6th European eAccessibility Forum:
eAccessibility at the Core of Information Systems
E-accessibility is gaining momentum, as demonstrated by the increase in governmental initiatives and commercial interest in the field. The domain of a few dedicated specialists until a few years ago, it is today a regular preoccupation in the ICT sector.

This achievement must not, however, be overstated. E-accessibility is still considered a necessary, yet costly, add-on to the development of information systems. Features are optional and developed specifically for disabled users, with no consideration for return on investment. In sum, e-accessibility is thought to be peripheral to the development of the Information Society.
It is increasingly apparent that by ‘externalizing’ e-accessibility in this way, the sector is significantly hindering progress. From a technical point of view, declining to take accessibility into account from the outset when designing a new device or website will necessarily result in a complex and costly retrofit. From a financial point of view, by focusing on disabled users, decision makers are neglecting to see the greater benefits of e-accessibility for business and society as a whole. Finally, from a political perspective, society must accept that it is legally and collectively responsible for disability and that accessibility is therefore in everyone’s interest. For all these reasons, integrating e-accessibility at the core of information systems is a technological, economical and socio-political necessity.

It is in this context that the Institute of e-Accessibility (IAN) is proud to organize the 6th European Forum on eAccessibility on the theme: “e-accessibility at the core of information systems”.
09:30 - 10:30: Session 1: Industrial opportunities for e-accessibiltiy
Chair : Axel Leblois (G3ict Executive Director)
  • Challenges related to e-accessibility in large companies
    Bruno Ménard (Sanofi ; CIGREF)
  • Inclusive Innovation in the design of mainstream ICT products
    Robert Sinclair (Microsoft)
Program and registration:
The conference program and registration form will be available online from the 15th of December at the following addresses: