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Enabling Access for Persons with Disabilities to Higher Education and the Workplace: Role of ICT and Assistive Technologies
  • Bangalore, India
  • January 20-21, 2012

About the Conference:


  • To identify and share best practices on enabling access of Persons with Disability to workspaces and educational institutions through ICT and other interventions.
  • To bring together the key players in this field to showcase solutions and enabling technologies and discuss ways of increasing their adoption.

Key Players:

UNESCO, ITU, WIPO, IBM, Microsoft, the Digital Empowerment Foundation, Daisy Consortium, Society for Promotion of Alternative Computing and Employment, Deafway Foundation, Hans Foundation, policymakers from the Ministries of Education and Information Technology (DIT), among others.


Over 400 stakeholder representatives and key decision makers from higher- education institutions; related government departments; and corporations, researchers, entrepreneurs and NGOs working on inclusion and diversity agendas, apart from trade bodies and Persons with Disability.

Agendas/discussion at the conference:

  • Highlighting the role of ICT and other technologies in awareness generation, outreach and enablement of Persons with Disability; and barriers to adoption
  • Showcasing of Best Practices and Innovations from leading Indian/ foreign solution providers, corporates and educational institutions
  • Deliberating on enabling workplace environment, collaboration, adoption of open standards, and on copyright issues at both the levels of policy and technology adoption


Demos, educational material and posters showcasing the latest technologies and practices

For further details, visit the conference website: http://nevertheless.in/the-conference/