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DEEP 2012 Program Committee
News Release
DEEP 2012 Sponsors
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DEEP 2012 Program Committee 

Co-Conveners: Jutta Treviranus (OCAD University), Axel Leblois (G3ict)

Public Sector: Ellen Waxman (Accessibility Directorate of Ontario); Shamira Madhany (Ontario Public Service); Noelle Richardson (Ministry of Attorney General); Judy Heumann (U.S. Department of State).

Academia: Vera Roberts (OCAD University); Colin Clark (OCAD University) Lizbeth Goodman (SMARTlab Univesity College Dublin); Gregg Vanderheiden (University of Wisconsin-Madison); Licia Sbattella (Politecnico di Milano, Italy); Clayton Lewis (University of Colorado); Joyojeet Pal (University of Michigan); Eva DeLera, Eva Gil (Open University of Catalunya).

Persons with Disabilities Advocates:  Raymond Cohen, Christine Staddon (Canadian Abilities Foundation); Spirit Synott and Lynn Manning (independent artists); Andrea Saks (ITU); Cynthia Waddell (ICDRI & G3ict); John Kemp (Abilities! & G3ict); Javed Abidi (DPI); Robert Pearson (Accessible Media, Inc.); Jia Yang (CDPF and Chinese Academy of Sciences, Vice Chair, UN Committee on Disability).

Private Sector: Pina D’Intino (Scotiabank Group); Mark Surman (Mozilla); Charles McCathieNevile (Opera); Dan Shire, Peter Fay (IBM); James Thurston (Microsoft); Andrew Kirkpatrick (Adobe Systems); Fouad Hassoun (Medialog Accessibilities); Bill Abbott (Bell Canada); Claudio Giugliemma (LucyTech); Tom Smith (Ephox Corporation).

International Organizations: Mohammed Al-Tarawneh (UN Committee on Disability); Fred Doulton (UN Secretariat for the CRPD); Irmgarda Kasinskaite (UNESCO); Barbara Murray (ILO); Inmaculada Placencia-Porrero (European Commission); Bob Plummer, John Harding (NABA and WBU TC); Aleksandra Posarac (The World Bank); David Rojas (Organization of American States); Francesca Cesa Bianchi (G3ict).