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HANDImatica 2012

9th National Conference on Disability and information & Communications Technology

  • Bologna, Italy
  • November 22-24, 2012
  • Venue: Istituto Aldini Valeriani - Sirani, Via Sario Bassanelli, 9, Bologna

Image: Handmatica aims to focus on elderly people


All over Europe Smart Cities planning and development is widely promoted: in this new environment technology innovation will be used to offer new digital services in the most various sectors, in mobility and energy saving, in safety and health care, in the education system, in social services and culture. Will these “Smart Cities” be able, in the near future, to interpret the needs of people with disability? Of elderly people?

HANDImatica offers the chance to think over and discuss digital technologies, how they can assist people with disability to facilitate their autonomy, promote their participation, reduce any barrier. In the centenary of the Italian poet Giovanni Pascoli’s death, Handimatica 2012 takes as its “motto” a sentence from Pascoli’s work Il Fanciullino: “Innovation is not invented, it is discovered”, an invitation to “look at things with wonder”, to “discover in them the most ingenious relationships”, because even the most advanced technologies have to be made our own, adapted to ourselves and to the ambient we live in.

In this perspective Handimatica 2012, with an exhibition area, conferences and workshops, puts together academic research, experience sharing and educational workshops; it offers space to those who are involved in scientific research as well as to those who report good practices, these ones being often innovative and efficient solutions, since facing directly a problem helps to discover solutions.

For more information on the event, please visit the website.