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Kéroul Global Summit on the accessibility of tourism, culture and transportation
  • Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • October 19-22, 2014


To lead the international sector-based associations active in the fileds of tourism, culture and transport, in a process to identify the actions they will take in order to facilitate in a significant manner the journeys of people with disabilities.

Suggested Means

  • Announce priority actions of the sector-based organizations (hotels, attractions, transport services) to enhance the accessibility of tourism, culture and transportation fiefds;
  • Launch an international index of best practices notebooks in the fields of accessibility of tourism, culture, and transport for people with disabilities, and post this index on a Web site regularly updated, easy to consult by everyone;
  • Get under way an international harmonization process of norms and standards with regard to the accessibility in the fields of tourism, culture, and transport.

Kéroul is a non-profit organization, founded in 1979. Its mission is to make tourism and culture accessible to people with limited physical ability. It evaluates the accessibility of tourist and cultural establishments and its accessibility classification is the only one recognized by Tourism Québec. Kéroul trains front-line employees of tourist establishments, using its Welcoming Ways training program, and develops and promotes The Accessible Road, a tool that persons with disabilities can use to plan a host of "accessible" trips and getaways across Québec.

For more information about the event, http://keroul.qc.ca/en/summit/