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6th International Convention on Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology (iCreate 2012)
  • Singapore
  • July 24-26, 2012
  • ITE College East, 10 Simei Avenue, Singapore 486047

Into its sixth year, i-CREATe continues to provide a stage for technical exchanges and bring together advocates and professionals from across the countries to share ideas and best practices in the disabilities fields and exchange information on advanced technologies, equipment, techniques and materials applied in the field of Assistive & Rehabilitative Technology.

The theme this year is “Assistive & Rehabilitation Technology (ART) in an Inclusive Community”. This program will include a range of workshops on the types of assistive technologies available for use in education and employment sectors. There will also be presentations by people with disabilities using technologies in their daily lives, including education, training and employment.

For more information, please visit iCreate's website at http://www.icreateasia.org/