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Australia's Disability Employment Conference 2012
  • Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • August 8-9, 2012

About the Conference

The 2012 conference falls at a critical time for the sector. Tenders will have been submitted, and it will be a timely opportunity to regroup, debrief, and map out our strategy moving forward.

A multi-level program is being offered. The conversations weaving their way through the conference will cater to Boards, CEOs, senior managers, operational managers, workforce planners, Disability Employment Services (DES) practitioners, people with disability and those with an interest in open employment for people with disability in Australia.

Highlights include:

  • Person-centred servicing – How might a person-centred approach be operationalised within the DES contractual framework?
  • Emerging media – How might social media benefit your organisation? Explore new ways of connecting with each other, employers and clients.
  • The employer voice – We examine strategies for increased employment in the public sector, and revisit the NDRC.
  • Education pathways – We delve into university pathways for people with disability and explore international case studies.
  • Ongoing Support – We present insights from an Ongoing Support Assessor and question current trends for long-term ongoing support.
  • Transition – How might we best manage transition? DEEWR steps us through the transition process.
  • Indigenous focus – How might we create culturally safe and accessible services for Indigenous people with disability?
  • Rural and remote – An update on the future of remote employment servicing.
  • The labour market – Where are the jobs of the future? We unpack national skill and labour market trends.

For updates on the conference, please visit the website: http://conference.disabilityemployment.org.au/