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1st International Emergency Response Conference 2012

Pakistan Emergency Response and Environmental Challenges 


  • To strengthen the linkages between humanitarian organizations, government departments and individuals;
  • To create a national and international emergency response forum; 
  • Reviewing the role of humantarian organizations during emergencies
Academic Contributions can be related to any area or issue in Humanitarian Assistance, including:
1. Relief Efforts (all thematic areas)
2. Rehabilitation Services
3. Medical Services
4. Restoration of Shelters
5. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Services
6. Restoration of Livelihood opportunities
8. Women and Child Health
9. Women and Child Rights
10. Violence against Women and Children
11. Environment
12. Water Resources 
13. Use of Technology in Emergencies
At the conference, contributors shall have the choice of presenting a paper, conducting a workshop, exhibition of success stories through pictorial presentation, or a colloquium. International Emergency Response experts are especially encouraged to participate in the conference. 
For more details on the conference, please download conference brochure