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G3ict presents at Inaugural e-Accessibility in the Commonwealth: A CTO Forum 2012
About Commonwealth e-Accessibility Ministerial Summit

ICTs can help people with greater disabilities far more than they help people with fewer disabilities. The Commonwealth e-Accessibility Summit, hosted by the UK’s Department for Culture, Media, and Sport and the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation, is an important initiative in creating universal inclusion of disability in national ICT strategies. This high-level, two-day Summit will bring together Commonwealth ICT Ministers, CEOs of Private Sector Companies and Civil Society Organisations, and representatives of International Organisations in order to address issues surrounding the inclusion of disability into national ICT agendas throughout Commonwealth governments. 

The following questions and themes help frame the agenda for discussions on ICTs and accessibility in Commonwealth countries
• How can national ICT policies relating to accessibility, particularly for people with disabilities, be better implemented in practice?
• What challenges are governments, Private Sector Companies, Civil Society Organisations, International Organisations facing in incorporating accessibility agendas in their ICT policies and strategies?
• What successes have governments, Private Sector Companies, Civil Society Organisations, International Organisations achieved in this field?
• How can/do governments incorporate disability and better build a strategy of e-Accessibility into their ICT agendas?
• How can “I-nformation” and “C-ommunication” be used when making ICTs more accessible?
• What needs to be included in ICT accessibility strategies to be a sufficient framework for further action and implementation? 

Themes and sub-themes that will be featured in the Summit:

• Governance and Policy
• Technical Innovation and inclusion of disability 
• Inclusion 
• Universal Access
For more information on the summit, please visit the website.