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Image: USAID and mEducation Alliance logos
G3ict presents at 2nd Annual mEducation Alliance International Symposium: 2012 Partnering for Scale and Impact

G3ict Session In Focus: Mobiles as Assistive Technologies

Facilitator: Axel Leblois, Executive Director, G3ict

Presenters: Betsy Beaumon and Kristina Pappas (Benetech): From Symbian to Smart and Beyond: Making
Reading Accessible to All 

From the organizers
For this year’s mEducation Alliance International Symposium, we want to highlight your experiences and insights on partnership. What does a successful partnership mean for your work? What are the challenges and opportunities evident in partnerships designed to improve learning outcomes through the use of mobile technologies? What kinds of additional or expanded partnerships could your work benefit from, and what could the mEducation Alliance do to support this?
Under the broad theme of partnerships, we’ll be looking for presentation and open session proposals involving the following themes:
  • Public and Private Sector Partnership Engagement
  • Mobiles for Reading
  • Mobiles for Inclusive Education and Assistive Technology
  • Mobiles for Education System Strengthening
  • Mobiles for Youth and Workforce Development
  • Mobiles for Education in Crisis and Conflict Settings
The Mobiles for Education (mEducation) Alliance is an international collaborative effort between bilateral and multilateral donors, NGOs, foundations, private sector partners, academic researchers, and implementing organizations. Our collective agenda is to explore cutting‐edge intersections between mobile technologies, education and development, to reduce duplicative efforts, and promote collective knowledge‐sharing. The increasing ubiquity of mobile phones and coverage and the current and possible utilization of other mobile devices, including e‐Readers, tablet computers, flash memory, micro/ “pico” projectors, and audio/visual devices among other technologies, provide valuable opportunities for supporting quality education
impact in developing countries.
For more information on the event, please visit the website (www.meducationalliance.org). Please address any questions to Rebekah Levi (rlevi@jbsinternational.com) and Scott Kipp (skipp@jbsinternational.com).