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G3ict participates in UN Expert Group Meeting on Building Inclusive Society and Development through Promoting ICT Accessibility: Emerging Issues and Trends
The Expert Group Meeting aims to promote greater awareness of accessibility and ICT accessibility in particular; promote policy and practices that facilitate the social inclusion and advancement of persons with disabilities in development through ICT accessibility, including in emergencies and natural disasters; and to identify good practices and innovative approaches to advance ICT accessibility as well as promote traditional human resources intensive solutions such as sign language and subtitling as means to further inclusive development for all.  Following the Expert Group Meeting, the Nippon Foundation, in partnership with civil society in Japan, will hold a half day International Forum to share and further discuss the outcome of the Expert Group Meeting with national and local policy makers, professionals and experts in Japan.  
Scope and objectives of the meeting:
The Expert Group Meeting will provide a forum for intensive exchanges of knowledge and experience relating to norms and standards, institutional arrangements, governance, technologies and actual practice related to accessibility and reasonable accommodation in the information and communication technologies (ICT). Special attention will be directed to ICT accessibility and the inclusion of persons with disabilities in disaster and emergency preparedness and responses, particularly in the context of developing countries.  Universal design will be accorded special attention in the review and analysis of issues, trends and priorities for action in promoting accessibility as a means and goal of development. 
Meeting activities

The meeting will include the following activities to achieve its objectives:

  1. A review and discussion of the status and current trends in terms of policy frameworks, technical standards and practices on ground;
  2. Concurrent subgroup discussions focused on the policy environment and technical advancements in ICT accessibility, as well as relevant challenges and opportunities encountered in situations of natural disasters and emergencies response and management;
  3. A special session on ICT accessibility in natural disaster and emergencies;
  4. A review and discussion of catalytic and innovative examples to promote increased awareness and support for accessibility with reasonable accommodation in the fields of information and communications technologies, including in the situations of natural disasters and emergencies;
  5. The formulation of a set of concrete recommendations for strategic and practical actions focused on building and strengthening national capacities and empowering constituencies for ICT accessibility and inclusion and advancement of persons with disabilities in the context of development towards information society for all. 

For more information, visit the UN Enable event webpage.