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RERC State of the Science Conference (SOSC): Building Rehabilitation Research Capacity at the Nexus of New Technologies, Aging & Disability

  • Marina del Rey, California, USA
  • October 25-26, 2012
  • Venue: USC Information Sciences Institute (ISI)
    4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 1001, Marina del Rey, CA 90292  
For more information on the event, visit the webpage: http://www.isi.edu/research/rerc/coming_events/

The Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Technologies for Successful Aging with Disability (OPTT-RERC) will convene a two-day State of the Science (SOS) conference. The SOS will bring together experts in the fields of aging and disability research, rehabilitation engineering, and gerontology around the theme: Building Rehabilitation Research Capacity at the Nexus of New Technologies, Aging and Disability.

The first day will feature plenary sessions focused on current transformative approaches to the growing population of those aging with a disability and the accelerated growth of the aging population, in general, that is now endemic as the baby boomers turn 65 years of age. Along with cutting edge perspectives on aging and disability research, there will be plenary talks on advances in new technologies, including interactive multimedia prevention and health maintenance programs designed to address the psychological, physiological, and environmental factors in an engaging, participatory manner. This plenary session (October 25th only) will be available via live webcast.

Day 2 will be composed of break out discussion groups to develop a roadmap for building rehabilitation research and training capacity at the nexus of new technologies, aging and disability. We will develop a strategy for responding to future needs and opportunities and strengthening the comparative effective evidence-base for policy and practice decision-making that embodies the nexus perspective.

The SOS will address contemporary issues including:

  • Innovative ways to build nexus research and training teams around prevention and health maintenance programs.
  • How best to use emerging knowledge gained from nexus research to accelerate solutions along scientifically and clinically meaningful lines.
  • How to advance the science of interactive multimedia technologies to empower healthy behavior in people aging into and with disabilities.
  • How the inclusion of new interactive technologies such as virtual reality, robotics, telemonitoring, mobile health (mHealth) and real-time (or just-in-time), continuous biological, behavioral, social and environmental information can be effective for the development of prevention and health maintenance programs for people aging with and into disability.
  • How to leverage emerging strategies for promoting independence and community living options for people aging with disabilities across the life course.

If you wish to participate in the plenary session via webcast, please click here to register.