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Image: RIADIS logo
G3ict participates in RIADIS' 5th Latin American Conference
  • Quito, Ecuador
  • November 8-10, 2012
  • Agenda

The Latin American Network of Non-Governmental Organizations of Persons with Disabilities and their Families (RIADIS) will hold its 5th Latin American Conference, from November 8 – 10, 2012, in Quito, Ecuador, with the support of the Vice Presidency of the Republic of Ecuador and its proprietor, Mr. Lenin Moreno Garcés.

This important event will be attended by representatives of 46 RIADIS’ member organizations from 18 countries in Latin America, Central America and the Caribbean, and will address issues of organic strengthening, institutional and strategic projection. In addition, as part of the 5th Latin American Conference, will be held on Saturday, Nov. 10, the International Seminar on “Latin America Accessible and without Barriers” on human rights, equal opportunities and social inclusion of persons with disabilities.

Please visit conference website.

Image: Participants at the conference