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Image: Web Adaptability Conference banner
Web Adaptability for Inclusion Conference 2012

Special topics for 2012

Everyone concerned with accessibility has struggled to introduce their colleagues, managers, etc to the problems encountered by many who do not have satisfactory experiences with the online resources and services they need. Those with difficulties are not only those with what might be thought of as 'disabilities' - the problems can occur because of the circumstances (for example in a noisy location) or for one of many other reasons. Inclusive resources and services are now seen as the goal and there is substantial work going on in Europe and northern America to use the technology to help solve some of the problems the technology creates. This year we will have a special focus on what is known as the GPII - the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure.

Special topics for 2012 are:

  • WCAG 2.0 implementation and compliance
  • auditing Websites and resources for adaptability and standards compliance
  • open source accessibility solutions
  • W3C technologies for accessibility
  • accessible and inclusive design

Conference format

OZeWAI conferences offer hands-on workshops, plenary presentations, informal work sessions, research reports, and time for discussion. The venue is ideal for small group discussion and the program, with lunches and dinners included, will provide opportunities for participants to interact with presenters informally.

Visit conference website.