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Fairmont hotel
MM-AID 2013 - 1st International Workshop on Multimedia-Enabled Aids for Disabilities

Co-located within ICME 2013: IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo

Call for Papers
The ever-increasing potential and affordability of integrated software and hardware platforms, makes it possible to complement traditional aids with innovative sensing&action devices able to capture and use the information from the environment and from the user. Such information, complemented by appropriate processing technologies, could provide safer and more confortable living environments, empowering users and easing their interaction with the external world and with other people, enhancing usability and quality of experience of aids. This will lead to a new generation of multimedia-enabled utilities for the elderly and impaired people, finalized to an improved quality of life and a better social inclusion. This is a highly cross-disciplinary research area, where a wide range of technologies are encompassed from the design of new sensors and actuators, advanced interfaces and interaction modes, signal processing and understanding technologies, networked and mobile devices, embedded intelligent systems, etc. The objective of this workshop is to collect the most relevant contributions related to the evolution of multimedia-enabled assistive technologies for impaired people, sharing up to date knowledge and advancements in this field through a new forum for the relevant community. 
For more information, visit the workshop website and the ICME website.