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AAIDD/ANCOR Joint Webinar: Transitioning With Technology-Using Handheld Technology When Moving from School to Work and Community

  • Webinar
  • March 11, 2013

Students should have ready and easy access to their resumes, career portfolios, videos of work experience, task sequencing and scheduling methods, communication, and more. Learn what handheld devices and apps are being utilized to assist students as they successfully move from school to work and community. Emphasis will be on built in features, and generic and specialized apps which promote independence, communication, productivity, and inclusion. Hear what Leaving School With 21st Century Technology projects are accomplishing and how Learning Cohorts are teaching each other and spreading the word. Marsha will share stories of how school programs and the employment agencies they interact with, are interfacing and providing seamless serve delivery, using handheld devices to leverage preferred employment outcomes, independent living, and community connection.

For more details, please visit Webinar webpage.

About The Speaker

Marsha ThrelkeldMarsha Threlkeld, is the Senior Program Manager at the Washington Initiative for Supported Employment (WISE). Marsha has over twenty years experience. Current work includes assistive and information technology, school to work transition, individual employment, and family services. She creates Learning Cohorts to address 21st Century Technology and its ability to assist people to work, play, and communicate.