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DGI-byens hotel
Future Publishing and Accessibility

Presented by Nota and The DAISY Consortium in cooperation with The Ministry of Culture Denmark

  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • June 13-14, 2013
  • Venue: Tietgensgade 65, K 1704 Copenhagen V

Conference website: http://www.newpubcph.org/

About the Conference
Digitization is rapidly changing the scene for publishing, distribution and accessibility. Within a short span of time the overall framework for intellectual rights, pricing and accessibility has been challenged and new perspectives emerge for right holders, user groups, manufacturers and other stakeholders.

The Future Publishing and Accessibility conference will highlight and encourage conversations surrounding the perspectives for the future of publishing and accessibility. Come and participate in discussions on the following topics:

  • Will the role of publishing companies, manufacturers and libraries change dramatically?
  • Who will be the dominating players in the future?
  • What will be the socio-economic and commercial consequences?

You will be inspired to lead change in your own organization as we analyze these questions and highlight the practical and actionable solutions. We strive to build bridges between re-publishers of content, mainstream publishers, technology companies and libraries.

The conference features three content tracks targeting the users, the technology and new business models. All keynote sessions will offer a unique chance to meet the world’s leading practitioners and theorists. Our goal is to equip conference attendees with a road map for the future and opportunities to debate what it will take to act proactively in their respective organizations.
Join us and enhance your skill set to position you and your organization in the forefront of developments.
Who should attend
“Future Publishing and Accessibility” is geared towards managers and professionals who are facing increasing challenges in the digital publishing industry, including distribution and accessibility.
Three content tracks are targeting publishers, libraries, booksellers, public authorities, politicians, developers, manufacturers, distributors and user organizations. Other target groups are: The research community, the education sector and media houses.
Registration closes May 31st 2013.

Conference website: http://www.newpubcph.org/


Conference website: http://www.newpubcph.org/