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Mobile+Web DevCon

Why Should You Be There?

  1. Learn from leading and knowledgeable innovators, developers and designers in the industry
  2. Harness the fastest growing segment in the tech industry: mobile
  3. Develop a deeper understanding of existing mobile and web technologies
  4. Learn about the latest research and explore new and cutting edge developments
  5. Craft creative native apps for both mobile and web
  6. Discover the power of the 3 most used platforms in one conference: Android, iOS and web
  7. Engage in exciting dialogue between top-notch native app, web and cross platform developers
  8. Learn about maximizing profits on the app market and successfully navigating app distribution
  9. Interact and network with new industry contacts at the Mobile+Web DevCon After Party
  10. Leave with the most up-to-date tips and tricks to enhance your business strategy & development career

Mobile+Web DevCon Attendees will Learn to:

  • Master development tools for both iOS and Android
  • Optimize your mobile app with the latest HTML5 and JavaScript technologies
  • Gain insight into user experience and best practices for an exceptional UI
  • Make the transition from web to mobile web & learn about mobile web frameworks
  • Understand app lifecycle management & successfully monetize your app
  • Learn about what’s coming next in mobile & web development

For more information, please visit the event webpage at: http://mobilewebdevconference.com/