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Launch of IBM's Economic Development and Vitality Initiative

G3ict partners with IBM's Global Symposium on Economic Development and Vitality

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In business, successful companies are those that can maintain long-term, sustained competitive advantage. Shouldn’t all communities, regions and economies be thinking the same way? Some are!

Leading cities, regions and countries around the world today are planning for comprehensive, sustainable long-term growth to build their economic competitive advantage. And they are doing so by collaborating across levels of government, convening stakeholders inside and outside of government, and working across political, social and technological divides to achieve bigger, better and more sustainable outcomes in jobs, business environments and citizen quality of life.

Since 2008, IBM has been focused on building a Smarter Planet®, working with governments around the world to build smarter systems. We have witnessed enormous advances, with leaders using an explosion of data to drive transformation, develop new competencies and actively embrace the art of the possible. Investments made to improve the quality of and access to education, health care, public safety, water supply, food safety, social security, land and energy management, transportation, telecommunications and research and innovation have become crucial and important contributors to economic development. We believe that no one sector or organization alone can sustain the long-term vitality of any community. Economic vitality and growth depends on collaboration by all sectors – public, private and non-profit.

For more information, please visit event webpage at http://nsp.performedia.com/1105media/ibm13/welcome.

Join leading thinkers from around the world to explore topics surrounding emerging new thought about economic development:

  • Learn how one city leveraged Healthcare as the catalyst for economic development

  • Examine how smarter technologies are disrupting long-held organizational and instructional conventions around the world.

  • Consider the new trends in collaborative partnerships (PPP) and how are the opportunities for local economies changing as a result?

  • Discuss how societies are becoming financially more inclusive while at the same time managing financial risk and providing transparency to encourage investment and economic development.

Social Media Outreach: Follow the entire Symposium and join the conversation on Twitter at @IBMGovernment. Interact with panelists, submit your questions and share your thoughts using #econdev in your tweets.

Event Partners

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