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European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education

G3ict participates in ICT4IAL Project 2nd Advisory Group Meeting

‘ICT for Information Accessibility in Learning’

ICT4IAL logo European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme

  • Brussels, Belgium
  • June 18-20, 2013

The ICT for Information Accessibility in Learning (ICT4IAL) project is a multi-disciplinary network of European and international partners that represent both learning and ICT communities. The Agency ICT4IAL project partners are:

The project’s aims are to raise awareness and increase the visibility of the issue of accessible information provision and its relevance for equitable lifelong learning opportunities, as well as to support accessible information provision within organisations through the development, trialling and evaluation of a set of practical guidelines.

For more information, please visit event website at http://www.european-agency.org/.

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