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G3ict Participates in InfoPoverty Programme at ECOSOC Annual Ministerial Review and Innovation Fair

How to promote development through the Global Platform of Digital Services for Development

  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • July 1-3, 2013
  • Venue: Main Hall, InfoPoverty Exhibition at Innovation Fair 

Overview and Background

A great deal of digital innovation at present is making life more comfortable for the people who are already living very comfortable lives. The purpose of the Digital Innovation for Development, a new initiative of the OCCAM and Infopoverty organizations is to explicitly promote and support the digital innovations that are intended to help theunderserved sectors of our society. OCCAM (Observatory for Cultural and Audiovisual Communication) is an international organization that concentrateson how the most disadvantaged communities of the world can benefit from new technologies under difficult social, economical and environmental conditions. Arch. Pierpaolo Saporito, is the Founder and President of OCCAM (www.occam.org).

In 2001, Pierpaolo started an Infopoverty Program and World Conference, in the ambit of the United Nations, aimed to fight poverty through the use of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). In the last 13 years, OCCAM open partnership vision has served very effectively to promote discussion (we just finished the 13th Infopoverty World Conference) and make tangible difference in developing countries. Partners and participants have included UN organizations, public and private institutions, academic institutions, large corporations, NGOs and other civilsociety entities who are committed to ICT for sustainable development. The Infopoverty World Conference is the annual international conference, under the auspices of the United Nations, at the United Nations headquarters, New York, organized by OCCAM, together with the European Parliament, UNESCO, andother scientific and university institutions (e.g., Infopoverty Institute at Oklahoma University).

The Infopoverty World Conference (IWCS) is held every year in New York at the United Nations headquarters and serves as a Discussion Forumfor e-services providers and consumers to exchange ideas and solution approaches. The 13th edition of the Infopoverty World Conference (IWCS13), held in New York in March 2013, saw the participation of more than 100 international organizations, and hundreds of attendees from governments, international and regional organizations, public and private institutions and the civil society, that represented 63 countries. The focus of these discussions is on e-villages, e-health, e-learning, e-agriculture, food safety and other vital areas for the underserved.

Specific activities needed to support this new initiative are: Global Digital Services Platform that is able to sustain the nation building process with the new paradigms. This Global Platform enables the direct transfer and interaction of competencies between international developmentpartners and the countries in special needs.  

For more information, please view this PDF document: http://www.occam.org/IWC13_followup_Geneva.pdf.