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Tracks & Sessions at-a-Glance
Five Trends You Cannot Miss at the 2015 M-Enabling Summit

M-Enabling Summit 2015: At-a-Glance Tracks & Sessions


Track 1: Cutting-edge Accessibility Environments

Latest Accessibility Solutions by Microsoft

Latest Accessibility Solutions by Intel

Latest Accessibility Solutions by Apple 


Track 2: Internet of Things & Cloud

Mobile Enabled Smart Homes

Internet of Things and Innovations for Travel and Public Spaces

Industry Alliances for Interoperable Enabling Solutions

M-Health and Well-being Apps and Services

Cloud Computing Solutions


Track 3: All-inclusive Daily Living

Reading: e-Books and e-Publishing

Transacting and Paying

Interacting with Multimedia

Engaging with Others via Social Media

Working and Learning


Track 4: Policies & Standards

Standards and Guidelines for Accessible Mobile Devices, Apps and Mobile Web

Radio Spectrum in Support of Enabling Mobile Solutions

International Success Stories in Promoting Accessible Technologies and Services 

W3C-WAI: New Horizons for 2020

Promoting Accessibility Professional Skills across Industries and Academia 

Harmonizing Global ICT Accessibility Standards for Public Procurement


Track 5: Assistive Mobile and Wearable Solutions 

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Blind and Low Vision

Mobility and Dexterity




Track 6: CMO/CIO Accessibility Imperative

Security, Privacy, Biometrics and Bio-recognition

Fortune 500: Data Points and Success Factors in Promoting Accessible Products and Services

Development Tools to Ensure Mobile Apps Accessibility 

Implementing and Leveraging Mobile Accessibility across the Enterprise

Engaging Persons with Disabilities in Accessibility Strategies 


View the detailed agenda, including schedules, session descriptions, and speakers list here.