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G3ict Participates in ICT for Information Accessibility in Learning - ICT4IAL Sixth Project Advisory Group Meeting Programme

  • Ankara, Turkey
  • November 20, 2014
  • Venue: Tunus Caddesi No: 20, Kavaklıdere 06680 Ankara


  • Roger Blaimire, European Schoolnet
  • Bernhard Heinser, DAISY Consortium
  • Irmgarda Kasinskaite-Buddeberg, UNESCO
  • Line Knudsen, The Ministry of Children and Education, Denmark, National Co-ordinator
  • Serap Kurbanoglu, International Association of Universities
  • András Lénárt, Agency 
  • Licia Sbattella, The Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs
  • Isabelle Turmaine, International Association of Universities
  • Marcella Turner-Cmuchal, Agency
  • Amanda Watkins, Agency (Video Input)

Suggested Agenda items:

  • Formalities
  • Update on implementation of Guidelines from EUN, IAU and EA
  • Feedback on Implementation Evaluation Report
  • ICT4IAL Progress Report Evaluation of the EC
  • Planning for the Dissemination Conference
  • G3ict presentation of survey results

Visit the ICT4IAL website for further information: http://www.european-agency.org/agency-projects/ict4ial.