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ITU Accessible Americas

G3ict Presents at ITU Accessible Americas: Information and Communication for All

  • Medellin, Colombia
  • November 4-6, 2015

This event aims at moving discussions from identification of principles to implementation of practices on how stakeholders from the Americas Region can ensure that accessible ICTs and assistive technologies are widely available to persons with disabilities (PwD) and can be used to safeguard and exercise their rights, considering equality and affordability. 

Identify best practices that can be replicated by the countries in the Americas region and encourage governments, industry and other stakeholders to replicate these practices and to promote ICT accessibility in order to create fair and equal opportunities for PwD and support a regional disability-inclusive development agenda that will contribute to the emerging post-2015 global development agenda by treating ICT accessibility for persons with disabilities as a cross-cutting development issue.

For further information, please visit event webpage.