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Access Israel International Convention on Accessibility for All in the Digital Era, 19-21 March 2017, Tel Aviv, Israel


The Convention will focus on the means to ensure that current and future technologies are accessible for all. It will present various technologies and best practices that are specifically designed for organizations and businesses, as they seek to better serve their customers as well as their employees.

Convention Main Themes

1.     Ensuring a usable and accessible digital era

2.     Increase awareness to the importance and necessity of developing all new technologies as accessible and usable technologies.

3.     Accessible technologies implementation best practice and business models

4.     Technologies for promoting accessibility for PWD.

5.     The importance of training people with disabilities & elderly to use new technologies


1.   Awareness to and trends in accessible tech era.

2.     Smart Cities Accessible Tech and Assistive Services

3.     Large Organizations implementing accessible technologies Services

4.     What's new in Web Accessibility

5.     What's new in App Accessibility

6.     What's new in Media & Document Accessibility

7.     What's new in Automated Machines' Accessibility

8.     Innovative solution in accessible Service

9.     Accessible technologies of the future

10.  Startups - innovative assistive technologies for PWD

11.  Technologies used in inclusion of employees with disabilities

12.  Training people with disabilities & elderly to use new technologies


Sessions and Events at the Convention

1.     First day - Sunday 19 March 2017

a.     Pre-Arranged meetings with Israeli Ministers and governmental officials, representatives of companies, organizations, NGO's and Knesset Members and others as requested.

b.     Pre-conference tour of the Convention's Exhibition Hall.

c.      Participation in TEDxTelAvivSalon: Accessibility - first in the world

d.     Access Israel special dining experience of the senses Dinner

2.     Second day - Monday 20 March 2017

a.     Conference Day

b.     Exhibition Hall

c.      Accessibility for All Experience Trail

d.     Access Israel Award Ceremony

3.     Third day - Tuesday 21 March 2017

a.     Accessible trips in Israel for international attendees

b.     Accessibility Best Practice Seminars


More about Access Israel: https://access-israel-2017-en.events.co.il/home