G3ict: The Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs
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Antonio Gagliardo
Minister of Labor, Ecuador
Axel Leblois
Executive Director, G3ict
Fabian Leon
Coordinator, POETA Ecuador
Jeannette Sánchez
Minister of Economic and Social Inclusion, Ecuador
Judy Brewer
Director, Web Accessibility Initiative W3C-WAI
Julio Mantilla
n/a, USAID


Larry Goldberg
Media Access Director, WGBH Boston
Lenin Moreno Garcés
Vice President, Ecuador
Licia Sbattella
Professor, Politecnico di Milano


Luis Gallegos
Ambassador of Ecuador to the United States / Honorary Member and Chair, G3ict
Maria Eileen Delgadillo Poepsel
Executive Director, ChasquiNet Foundation
Nathalie Cely
Minister of Social Development, Ecuador
Pauley Tedoff
Program Manager, G3ict
Peter Blanck
Chair, Burton Blatt Institute, Syracuse University
Raúl Vallejo
Minister of Education, Ecuador
Xavier Torres
Vice President/Coordinator, CONADIS/National Federation for the Disabled