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General Country Information
Capital: Bucharest
Population: 22,181,287 (July 2010)
Form of Government: Unitary Semi-presidential Republic

Telephone and Internet Communications in real numbers
Telephone - main lines: 5.036 million (2008)
Telephone - mobile: 24.467 million (2008)
Internet hosts: 2.188 million (2009)
Internet users: 6.132 million (2008)

Country Ranking
DOI* 2005/2006:
World Rank 2005/2006:

*The Digital Opportunity Index (DOI) evaluates the opportunity, infrastructure and utilization of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) worldwide and was created by the Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity and Promotion (KADO) and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). The DOI is based on a scale of 0-1, where 1 is ideal, and the World Rank is taken into consideration out of 181 countries, based on the DOI.

National Disability Action Plan
National Strategy on the Social Protection, Integration and Inclusion of People with Disabilities (2006-2013)
“Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities – towards a Non-Discriminatory society”
Disability Policy Website

Disability Organizations and Contact Information:

Asociatia Nationala a Surzilor Din Romania (Romanian National Association for the Deaf)
Str Italiana nr 3
Sector 2, Bucuresti, cod 020973
Email: ansr2003@yahoo.com
Tel: +40-21-311-3061
Fax: +40-21-311-3061

Autoritatea Nationala pentru Persoanele cu Handicap - ANPH
Email: registratura@anph.ro

Asociatia Nevazatorilor din Romania (Romanian Association of the Blind)
Strada Vatra Luminoasa, nr. 108 Bis,
Jud. Sector 2, Bucharest 73302
Email: anvr@anvr.ro
Tel: +40-21-250-6525 / +40-21-250-6615

Asociatia Nevazatorilor din Romania - Filiala Cluj
Avram Iancu Square, no. 2
400 098 Cluj-Napoca

Tel: +40-264-590877

Asociatia PONTES
Email: secretariat@pontes.ro
Tel: +40-741-160399     

Fundatia Cartea Calatoare
Str. Barsei nr. 4 bl. H sc. 2 et. 2 ap. 29
Focsani 620080, Vrancea
Email: office@fcc.ro
Tel/Fax: +40-237-214-004

Institutul National Pentru Prevenirea si combaterea Excluziunii Sociale a Persoanelor cu Handicap – (INPCESPH)
NR. 42, Sector 3
Bucuresti 030912
Email: teo.zabava@activewatch.ro
Tel: +40-21-322-0976   

Organizatia Nationala a Persoanelor cu Handicap din Romania (ONPHR) - DPI National Assembly
Theodor Porojan, Executive Director
Community Center “Daniel Vasilescu"
7th Maresal Averescu blvd
7th Building, 3rd floor,1st district,
Bucharest 011454
Email: theodor.porojan@onphr.ro
Tel: +40-21-224-1489             
Fax: +40-031-81-05678