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Daily Headlines 
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DAISY Consortium President Hiroshi Kawamura Receives 2008 Dr. Dayton M. Forman Award
CNIB, a nationwide, community-based, registered charity committed to research, public education and vision health for all Canadians, presents the 2008 Dr. Dayton M. Forman Memorial Award to Mr. Hiroshi Kawamura, President of the DAISY Consortium in recognition of his dedication and commitment to the development of equitable information services for people with print disabilities throughout the world.
From Yahoo News, August 12, 2008

A Sure Path to Success
Dana Marlowe’s job at TecAccess LLC has placed her at the nexus where, as she put it, “disability advocacy converges with technology.” She advises government clients on how to abide by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act when buying information technology. That federal mandate requires agencies’ technology to meet certain accessibility rules.
From Washington Technology, August 11, 2008

Blind MBA Girds for Battle with Ottawa over Issue of Web Site Accessibility
A Toronto businesswoman who has been blind since birth is girding for battle with Ottawa over what she alleges is the federal government's failure to make its systems for filing job applications online accessible to the visually impaired.
From The Canadian Press, August 10, 2008

disABILITY: The Internet not Accessible to All
Why not take some time to consider how you can help contribute to making the World Wide Web more accessible for everyone. Whether you host your own website, or you simply understand the value of the Internet, you may be able to help improve its universal usability.
From The Daily Star, August 09, 2008

For the Deaf: Real Instant Messaging...and Maybe for Everybody Else as Well
A new task force has been formed to develop and promote real-time text messaging; where each character is displayed to the recipient as it is typed in. The task force is focused primarily on technology to help the hearing impaired, but real time messaging could be taken up enthusiastically by others.
From iTWire, August 05, 2008

IBM and GW Micro Join Steering Committee for Accessibility Interoperability Alliance
The Accessibility Interoperability Alliance (AIA), a coalition of leading information and assistive technology companies dedicated to enabling developers to more easily create accessible software, hardware and Web products, welcomes the addition of two new steering committee members: Doug Geoffray of GW Micro and Richard Schwerdtfeger of IBM.
From Business Wire, August 04, 2008

UN Convention Campaign Coalition
Organisations have formed themselves into a coalition to bring political pressure and work to ensure early – and full – commitment from the UK government. They call for all interested groups to join together to campaign for ‘ratification without reservations’.
From Human Rights & Disability, July 31, 2008

UK - House of Lords Discusses Convention
We have on record, that disabled people’s organisations are crucial in realising rights, and will be involved when the government takes forward not only the convention but the whole range of disability-related policies.
From UK Parliament News, July 31, 2008

Nigeria - NCC Consults Operators on Services for Physically Challenged Persons
The Nigerian Communications Commission has announced plans to hold a consultative forum with telecom service providers with respect to persons with disability and the elderly.
From Punch on the Web, July 31, 2008

User-Centered Policy Evaluations of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act: Evaluating E-Government Web Sites for Accessibility for Persons With Disabilities
The author examines user-centered evaluations of e-government Web sites for compliance with a policy related to persons with disabilities: the requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.
From RedOrbit.com, July 31, 2008

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