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USA: NPR Receiver Gets Closed-Captioned Radio Emergency Alerts for the Hearing Impaired
I'll be the first to admit that I had a little trouble wrapping my brain around this one, but I think I've got it now. Sure the appeal of closed-captioned radio for the hearing impaired is clear, but what wasn't immediately apparent was why, precisely, one would want a standalone box for such information if you could potentially get it just as easily through, say, the station's website. This first iteration (which is very much still in the proof-of-concept phase) is intended for emergency relief organizations like FEMA and NPR and its partners are currently testing it out in the Gulf states. The box uses a tablet as a display, getting emergency information through the radio spectrum, so you can use it when the power is out and your WiFi isn't working -- assuming you've still got juice in your tablet, which powers the box.
From http://www.engadget.com/2014/01/06/npr/, January 06, 2014

Windows Store Now Lets You Find Accessible Apps
Microsoft's 8.1 update to its Windows operating system adds a valuable search feature. App publishers can now tag their wares with accessibility features, and consumers can search for them by feature. This leaves the real impact up to app developers, since accessibility features aren't required, but it opens up a way to communicate that other app stores don't really have -- another step forward in creating a stronger market for accessibility.
From http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/set-preferences-windows-store, January 06, 2014

UN Secretary-General Appoints Former VP of Ecuador as Special Envoy on Disability and Accessibility
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today announced the appointment of Lenín Voltaire Moreno Garces of Ecuador as his Special Envoy on Disability and Accessibility. In his new post, Mr. Moreno will help promote the rights of people with disabilities, who number more than one billion, and also advocate on behalf of accessibility for all people.
From http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=46789#, January 02, 2014

India: Organizations Want Disability Bill Tabled in Parliament Soon
Different organizations working for welfare and rights of people with disabilities in the state have alleged apathy on the part of Union government towards their plight. Under the aegis of UP Viklang Manch, the organisations stress tabling of Rights to People With Disability Bill in Parliament in its next session in February. To garner support for their cause, the forum will meet leaders of different political parties, including Arvind Kejriwal, the newly appointed chief minister of Delhi.
From http://globalaccessibilitynews.com/2013/12/31/organizations-want-disability-bill-tabled-in-parliament-soon/, January 02, 2014

Bahrain Launches Braille Signboards
Minister of Education Dr. Majid bin Ali Al-Nuaimi has directed the launching of safe pathways for students with vision disabilities in schools. Safe walkways will be included as essential elements of the school ergonomics to assist students reaching to various facilities in their schools easily. This came as the Minister launched the project of Braille-inscribed guidance signboards for the welfare of students with vision disabilities at West Riffa Secondary School for Girls.
From http://globalaccessibilitynews.com/2013/12/23/bahrain-launches-braille-signboards/, January 02, 2014

India: Low-cost Assistive Technology Boon for Persons with Disabilities
The low-cost assistive technology is very helpful for designing devices needed for persons with disabilities, Prof. Therese Willkomm has observed. Participating in a workshop on Assistive Technologies held at the BVRIT in Narsapur on Sunday, Dr. Therese Willkomm, Director of the New Hempshire State Assistive Technology program of the Institute of Disability at the University of New Hampshire (UNH), said that materials like tommy tape, double-sided velcro tape and plastic foam sheets would be used in preparing the low-cost assistive technology devices.
From http://globalaccessibilitynews.com/2013/12/23/low-cost-assistive-technology-a-boon-for-persons-with-disabilities/, January 02, 2014

WordPress Accessibility Resources
WordPress is the foundation for many websites. Roughly 40% of the top 10,000 sites in the world use it, including ecommerce sites, blogs, major online publications, and web applications. Whether you’re looking to take advantage of the sophistication and ease of WordPress as a content publishing system or use it as the basis for your large ecommerce network, it’s to your advantage to know how you can work with accessibility in WordPress.
From http://www.practicalecommerce.com/articles/61516-WordPress-Accessibility-Resources, January 02, 2014

India: International Conference on Disability Equality and Accessibility
Choice International in partnership with many local and international organizations is hosting the second Annual International Conference on Disability, Equality and Accessibility on December 20, 2013 in Chennai, India.
From http://globalaccessibilitynews.com/2013/12/17/international-conference-on-disability-equality-and-accessibility/, December 17, 2013

Saudi Arabia Observes World Disabled Day
The World Disabled Day was observed on Friday under the patronage of Prince Sultan bin Nasir bin Abdul Aziz as part of a campaign to bridge the gap between persons with disabilities and society at the Red Sea Mall in Jeddah. The campaign was launched by Prince Sultan’s office in Jeddah with the cooperation of the Jeddah Amal Center for the Disabled, Hope Center for the Disabled, the Jeddah Traffic and Civil Defense departments to promote social activities and to spread awareness of the importance of social responsibility toward persons with disabilities. “I am very glad and proud of the Saudi youth who came forward to organize and participate in this program which is especially for persons with disabilities and children to help them integrate into normal society and save them from being alienated,” he said.
From http://globalaccessibilitynews.com/2013/12/09/saudi-observes-world-disabled-day/, December 17, 2013

TechNews: AUUG Motion Synth Turns Movements Into Music
We express ourselves in many different ways. Some need an outlet such as art or a physical activity to vent their emotions. Perhaps one of the most widely used methods though, is music. Listening to music is how we show others what we think of the world, how we’re feeling on a particular day, or in a specific moment. Most of the time though, it’s the music that other people have created, but has an element that we can relate to. What if you could create your own music, and didn’t even need an instrument to do so?
From http://www.coolest-gadgets.com/20131212/auug-motion-synth-turn-movements-music/, December 17, 2013

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