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Daily Headlines 
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Zero Project Launches Call for Nominations on Inclusive Education and/or ICTs
Education is the fundamental process by which societies transmit their accumulated information and knowledge, in which Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) play an increasingly important role. Hence, the Zero Project 2016 is focusing on Inclusive education and/or ICTs, and our call for nominating innovative practices and policies has just been launched!
From http://zeroproject.org/inclusive-education-icts/, June 24, 2015

France: E-learning for Deaf People Who Want to Study Computer Science
X2000, a French association specialized in information technology, has decided to create Sourdstic, an e-learning platform dedicated to those who have hearing loss. Created to promote the integration of deaf people in professional life, the course offers the opportunity to acquire basic skills for free. As word processing, Internet use, antivirus, social networks personal data protection. All of these topics are explained step by step on the platform through videos translated into sign language. The X2000 team has also created a glossary with all specific terms translated into sign language dedicated to the cyberspace’s professionals.
From http://www.west-info.eu/e-learning-for-deaf-people-who-want-to-study-computer-science/, June 23, 2015

Spain: A guide to Discover if Universities are Accessible for Students with Disabilities
The website provides information about the accessibility of the different centers of universities, support products and adaptations that provide both learning and assessment activities, and other programs of action undertaken by universities.
From http://guiauniversitaria.fundaciononce.es/, June 23, 2015

Myanmar: Union Election Commission to Adjust Polling Policies for Persons with Disabilities
Myanmar’s Union Election Commission (UEC) has vowed to implement new measures to enhance voting rights for persons with disabilities during the country’s upcoming general election, to be held in November. Following a meeting with disabled rights advocates, lawmakers and government officials in Naypyidaw on Wednesday, the UEC agreed to a number of polling practices meant to improve fairness and access for persons with disabilities.
From http://globalaccessibilitynews.com/2015/06/22/burmas-union-election-commission-to-adjust-polling-policies-for-persons-with-disabilities/, June 23, 2015

USA: FDA Approves Device to Help People with Vision Disabilities See by Using Their Tongues
The Food and Drug Administration allowed marketing of a new device Thursday that when used along with other assistive devices, like a cane or guide dog, can help orient people who are blind by helping them process visual images with their tongues. The BrainPort V100 is a battery-powered device that includes a video camera mounted on a pair of glasses and a small, flat intra-oral device containing a series of electrodes that the user holds against their tongue.
From http://globalaccessibilitynews.com/2015/06/19/fda-approves-device-to-help-people-with-vision-disabilities-see-by-using-their-tongues/, June 23, 2015

M-Enabling Highlights Forward Thinking Innovation to Benefit All Users
As someone fairly new to the digital accessibility industry, it was a great learning experience to be able to attend the 4th Annual M-Enabling Summit last week. I was amazed to see how forward thinking innovations like Wearables and the Internet of Things are being used by people across all abilities. There’s no surprise why large companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon were in attendance along with progressive disruptive newcomers like Uber. The M-Enabling Summit offers a snapshot in time of where technology is headed for the masses.
From http://www.ssbbartgroup.com/blog/m-enabling-highlights-forward-thinking-innovation-to-benefit-all-users/, June 15, 2015

Q&A with Debra Ruh: Importance of Social Media and Accessibility
Debra Ruh, CEO, Ruh Global Communications and Co-Founder, AXSChat, G3ict EmployAbility and Technology Chair, discusses accessibility and social media. Debra spoke to Media Access Australia ahead of chairing a session on Engaging with Others via Social Media at the M-Enabling conference, being held 1-2 June 2015 in Washington DC.
From http://www.mediaaccess.org.au/latest_news/qa-social-media-and-accessibility, June 15, 2015

Italy: Milan Airports Launch Guide to Accessible Landmarks
Developed in collaboration with Where, a leading brand in visitor publications, born to facilitate accessible tourism for people with mobility disabilities, one of the core values namely passenger satisfaction at Milan Airports. Milan is also home to the Duomo, La Scala Opera House, Leonardo’s Last Supper, Castello Sforzesco, imposing Romanesque churches, museums brimming over with priceless artworks as well as the recent introduction of some amazing contemporary architecture.
From http://globalaccessibilitynews.com/2015/06/15/milan-airports-launch-guide-to-accessible-landmarks/, June 15, 2015

India: Firm Develops Speech to Tactile Solution for People with Hearing Disabilities
Class 12 student D. Nava Rashika carefully places her hand on a tactile board, which is about the size of her palm with tiny switches. When a word is spoken into the microphone, she carefully feels which lever remains depressed and which springs up. Once the tactile board goes still, she points to the word ‘Amma’ on the chart shown to her. Nava Rashika is one of the students at the CSI School for the Deaf and she is trying out the new ‘Rhema – Speak to Hear Tactile Device,’ developed by Sharon Systems, a Chennai-based company. The system is designed for people with hearing disabilities and will allow them to follow conversations and even help people with a speech disability.
From http://globalaccessibilitynews.com/2015/06/15/firm-develops-speech-to-tactile-solution-for-people-with-hearing-disabilities/, June 15, 2015

American Foundation for the Blind Announces 2015 Helen Keller Achievement Award Honorees
The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) recently announced the names of this year’s recipients of the Helen Keller Achievement Award. Awardees include Apple Inc. for breakthroughs in accessible technology, actor Charlie Cox for his portrayal of a blind superhero, Ward Marston, a musician/recording engineer with vision loss, and Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc. for pioneering treatment of a circadian rhythm disorder that can affect blind people. Apple received recognition for VoiceOver, a screen reader program that helps make Apple products accessible to people with vision loss. The AFB's Helen Keller Achievement Awards gala will be held in New York City on June 18, 2015.
From http://www.afb.org/info/about-us/press-room/press-release-archive/afb-announces-2015-helen-keller-achievement-award-honorees-/1245, June 08, 2015

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