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Daily Headlines 
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Canada Makes Further Commitment to Support Rights of Persons With Disabilities
Government of Canada has begun a consultation process on Canada’s accession to the United Nations Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
From Government of Canada, December 02, 2016

Bridging the Gap Between the Touchscreen and Users With Disabilities
A significant demographic of the population routinely faces barriers to access due to a seemingly simple to overcome issue: touchscreen use. A device sets out to provide an interface between smartphones and a person with disability's tool of choice — whether it be the joystick on a wheelchair or a set of glasses that can detect blinks.
From MobileSyrup, December 01, 2016

This Toronto Photographer’s App Is Remapping Accessibility Around the World
An app called AccessNow uses crowdsourcing to collect and share accessible spots around Toronto, creating a community that works together ultimately trying to give people the freedom to find ways to do what they want.
From Vice, November 30, 2016

Promoting Digital Accessibility in Israel
Leaders from businesses and other sectors came together to promote digital accessibility for people with disabilities and make Israel a tech-accessible country and a world leader in the field.
From The Jerusalem Post, November 29, 2016

Printing the Universe to Teach Blind People
Tactile Astronomy is a firm developing 3D printed resources to teach astronomy to the blind. Rather than hacking existing systems for accessibility purposes, Tactile Astronomy demands its developers design for accessibility first, and the billion people around the world with accessibility needs, reasoning that a minimum viable product provides a foundation on which the rest of the user base can operate.
From The Spin Off, November 28, 2016

Banks Neglecting Facilities for the Blind
The National Council for the Blind Malaysia (NCBM) has said that local banks must stop discriminating against the blind and adopt disabled-friendly measures taken by banks overseas.
From FMT News, November 27, 2016

An App to Connect Blind Users With Sighted Volunteers
A new app, BeSpecular connects blind people to volunteers around the world who want to lend their eyes to the blind. The app launched on World Sight Day on October 13, 2016, and has so far had around 10,000 subscribers, with a roughly equal split between people with visual impairments and volunteers.
From CNN, November 26, 2016

Japan Looks to Technology to Assist Ageing Population
With Japan’s population ageing faster than any other, an array of high- and low- tech products for the country’s fast-ageing population and people with disabilities were on disaplay at the 42nd Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition in Tokyo.
From Channel News Asia, November 25, 2016

Botswana to Facilitate Accession to Marrakesh Treaty
As Botswana celebrates its 50th anniversary, it would will also move to deposit the instrument of accession for the Marrakesh Treaty. Botswana and Mali are the only African countries that have ratified the Marrakesh treaty.
From Daily News, November 24, 2016

What If Your Smartphone is Out of Touch?
With 37 million people said to own a smartphone in the UK, touchscreen is king. But for people with disabilities, like for those with cerebral palsy tremors, touchscreen surfaces are almost impossible to use. A new yet-to-be-named, tremor absorbing software could open up touchscreen technology to millions of people.
From BBC, November 23, 2016

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