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Daily Headlines 
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African Disability Forum (ADF) holds First General Assembly
Delegates from 30 organizations of persons with disabilities (DPOs) in Africa, members of the African Disability Forum (ADF), held their first General Assembly meeting, October 31-November 1, 2015 at the Desmond Tutu Conference Center in Nairobi, Kenya. ADF is the pan-African membership organization of DPOs at continental, sub-regional and national levels, created to unify and amplify the voice of persons with disabilities in Africa and strengthen the technical capacity of their organizations.
From http://globalaccessibilitynews.com/2015/11/10/african-disability-forum-adf-holds-first-general-assembly/, November 10, 2015

Sri Lanka Declares National ICT Week from November 16-22
President Maithripala Sirisena has declared November 16-22 as 'National Information and Communication Technology Week'. This is the first time that such a week dedicated to the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has ever been declared at national level. It is in recognition of the significant role the ICT industry plays in all spheres of life, and also in honor of the ICT-related national and international conferences due to be convened in Sri Lanka that the President declared a week devoted to this sector. The APICTA - 2015 International Awards ceremony will be held in Sri Lanka during 'ICT Week'. Sri Lanka was selected as the first country to host this international parley. This global platform is considered the 'Oscars' of the ICT sector in Asia.
From http://www.news.lk/news/business/item/10708-sri-lanka-declares-national-ict-week-from-nov-16-22, November 09, 2015

USA: Barrie to Launch Text with 911 Service for People with Hearing Disabilities
People who are deaf or hard of hearing will soon be able to communicate with Barrie’s 911 call center by Text with 911 or T911 service in Barrie on November 10. T911 will add to existing services for people who currently use Teletypewriter (TTY) and Bell Relay.
From http://globalaccessibilitynews.com/2015/11/06/barrie-to-launch-text-with-9%E2%80%911%E2%80%911-service-for-people-with-hearing-disabilities/, November 09, 2015

USA: Carnegie Mellon and IBM Intro Open Platform To Help Blind Navigate
A research project at Carnegie Mellon University is helping blind people navigate with the use of an iPhone app that directs them based on information picked up from nearby sensors. NavCog, which is expected to be made available in the iTunes Store soon, draws on Bluetooth beacons and cognitive technologies to inform users on campus about their surroundings by talking to them through the phone or vibrating. The user enters the destination, turns on voice navigation, follows directions and will be notified when he or she arrives.
From https://campustechnology.com/articles/2015/11/05/carnegie-mellon-and-ibm-intro-open-platform-to-help-blind-navigate.aspx, November 09, 2015

World Bank Conducts Webinar On Developing Disability Data
The World Bank under its Social Inclusion Webinar Series conducted a webinar on “Disability and Data – What can we count on?” on October 19, 2015. The webinar was conducted by Daniel Mont, an international expert on disability measurement and inclusive development who discussed (1) What are known data gaps on disability, and how they can be filled? (2) What are existing sources of data on disability? (3) What datasets could be analyzed from disability perspective? and (4) How can we build and use evidence for more inclusive policy and development decisions?.
From http://globalaccessibilitynews.com/2015/11/04/world-bank-conducts-webinar-on-developing-disability-data/, November 05, 2015

RapidWristbands.com Introduces Braille Wristbands for People with Vision Disabilities
RapidWristbands.com has announced that they now offer embossed braille as a wristband font option for people who are blind or have low vision. RapidWristbands is no stranger to creating made-to-order wristbands for teams and events, but now they are able to provide braille bands to charities and non-profits that support those people with vision disabilities. Currently, the company is reaching out to many blind organizations and donating wristbands to their causes free of charge.
From http://globalaccessibilitynews.com/2015/11/04/rapidwristbands-com-introduces-braille-wristbands-for-people-with-vision-disabilities/, November 05, 2015

Singapore: Uber Launches UberASSIST Service for Persons with Disabilities in Singapore
Ridesharing and private car booking service Uber on October 29 announced the launch of UberASSIST in Singapore, catering to passengers with disabilities and the elderly. For UberASSIST, Uber has worked with organisations such as the Disabled People’s Association of Singapore (DPA) to better understand the needs of passengers with disabilities.
From http://globalaccessibilitynews.com/2015/11/05/uber-launches-uberassist-service-for-persons-with-disabilities-in-singapore/, November 05, 2015

New Book Launched: Disability, Rights Monitoring, and Social Change
The new book “Disability, Rights Monitoring, and Social Change” has been launched. The 2006 United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD) has provided a significant catalyst and a legal mandate for disability rights monitoring, and discussions on disability rights are breaking new ground across disciplines.
From http://globalaccessibilitynews.com/2015/11/05/new-book-launched-disability-rights-monitoring-and-social-change/, November 05, 2015

Twitter Developers Get Speech Recognition Boost From Nuance
Speech recognition is getting better all the time, but of course it’s still not perfect. Watch any hearing-impaired live and simultaneous television broadcast for the amusing misspellings and mistakes. As consumer bystanders we have had some idea as to how speech technology has been developing ever since we saw the lead movie character talking to the HAL 9000 sentient computer system in 2001: A Space Odyssey… and that was all the way back in 1968.
From http://www.forbes.com/sites/adrianbridgwater/2015/11/03/twitter-developers-get-speech-recognition-boost-from-nuance/?, November 04, 2015

United Nations: Social Protection Systems Should Be More Inclusive of Persons with Disabilities
States should make their social protection systems more inclusive for persons with disabilities, rather than pursuing models that often lock them into a cycle of dependence and poverty, a UN expert on the rights of persons with disabilities has said. “Most countries base their social protection systems on a ‘medical approach’ to disability, Catalina Devandas Aguilar, the UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of persons with disabilities, told the UN General Assembly.
From http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=52406#.Vjn0qfkrLIU, November 04, 2015

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