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Daily Headlines 
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Researcher Dawn M. Taylor on Brain-Computer Interfaces
The researcher talks about decoding brain signals to bring sight, movement and sensation to the disabled.
From ComputerWorld, May 17, 2009

Georgia Takes Lead in Travel/Tourism for the Disabled
Consider all of the frustrations that you may experience preparing for and during overseas travel. Now imagine the existence of these difficulties in addition to the challenge of being visually impaired, deaf or physically disabled. These considerations and concerns for people with disabilities have inspired public and private sector leaders in Georgia to direct efforts toward statewide travel and tourism.
From Global Atlanta, May 15, 2009

e-ISOTIS Participation in Autonomia Exibition
Autonomia Expo constitutes the largest exhibition of products and services for disability, health, rehabilitation, special education, technology and independent living in Greece, also attracting participation from European providers. e-ISOTIS organization will participate to the Autonomia Exhibition with stand providing information to the visitors and to all people that will express interest for our services.
From PR Log, May 13, 2009

Berkeley - Assistive Technology Center Opens New Lab
The grand opening of an expanded Assistive Technology Teaching and Learning Center, for use by students in the campus Disabled Students' Program, was celebrated on Monday, May 11, with a ribbon-cutting and open house. The bright and spacious new facility in 22 Wheeler improves on the resources available to disabled students in its former Moffitt Library location, a windowless space that users called "the Cave." The center’s state-of-the-art technology — including software for literacy, speech recognition, organizing, and visual assistance, as well as a Braille embosser and media to convert textbooks into accessible formats on demand — will promote the academic success of students with disabilities.
From UC Berkeley, May 12, 2009

Qatar - More Tools Sought for Physically Challenged
At the inauguration yesterday of the 9th forum of the Gulf Disability Society (GDS), being held in association with the Shafallah Centre for Children with Disabilities, the centre’s board chairman Saif al-Hajri emphasised the need for teachers to ensure transfer of knowledge while teaching people with disabilities and how to encourage students to invent simple tools that will make their living much easier.
From Gulf Times, May 12, 2009

Tunisia - Mme Leïla Ben Ali reçoit le Prix d’excellence G3ict "Enabling Technology Excellence Awards" (in French)
L'Alliance mondiale des Nations unies pour les TIC au service du développement (GAID) vient d'attribuer à Mme Leïla Ben Ali, épouse du Chef de l'Etat, le Prix d'excellence en technologies de la formation "Enabling Technology Excellence Awards".
From La Presse de Tunisie, May 09, 2009

Philippines - World Bank launches 1st KDC in WV
World Bank launches its first Region VI university-based Knowledge for Development Center (KDC) at Central Philippine University (CPU), yesterday.
From The New Today, May 08, 2009

Under Secretary-General Pledges to Improve Department's Impact, Performance as Committee on Information Concludes General Debate
The Committee on Information concluded the general debate of its thirty-first annual session today, with Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information Kiyo Akasaka pledging to “build on our achievements” and improve impact and performance.
From UN Centre, May 08, 2009

Technologies Help More Enjoy Movies
With assistive technology coming soon to the State Theatre, Magee and others like her can experience movies like \"Slumdog Millionaire\" and \"State of Play\" with rich descriptive narration. The technology, called DVS Theatrical, is part of the MoPix system, which also includes a patented \"Rear Window\" captioning system for deaf and hard-of-hearing patrons.
From Record-Eagle Northern Michigan\'s Newspaper, May 07, 2009

Zambia: Helping Turn Disability Into Ability
IN olden days, disability was perceived by society as either God's punishment to individuals who did not obey His commandments or a consequence of someone's evil deeds that have manifested themselves.
From All Africa.com, May 05, 2009

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