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Daily Headlines 
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NEC Foundation of America Announces New Grants
NEC Foundation of America today announced grants totaling $230,150 to five organizations that advance the independence and full participation in society of people with disabilities through the use of innovative technology.
From NEC Foundation News, January 26, 2009

Digital Accessibility Trends Analysis (DATA) Offers Global Disability Policy, Legal and Marketplace Drivers
TecAccess, a leader in accessibility solutions, has partnered with the law firm of Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville PC (www.ppsv.com), with the goal of offering a highly anticipated new product known as Digital Accessibility Trends Analysis (DATA) to the business community and governmental agencies around the globe.
From PR Newswire, January 16, 2009

China Invests 150M Yuan in Information Accessibility for Disabled People
A three-year, 150 million yuan (about 22M U.S. dollars) program to improve information accessibility for China's disabled population was launched here on Monday.
From Xinhua News Agency, January 13, 2009

Market Barriers to ICT for Independent Living and Active Ageing - Preliminary Findings
An ICT & Ageing study, launched by the European Commission in the beginning of 2008, has issued its preliminary findings. The main goal of the study is to identify and understand the market barriers which currently hinder uptake of ICT for independent living and active ageing in Europe.
From Europe's Information Society, January 12, 2009

For the Blind, Technology Does What a Guide Dog Can’t
T. V. RAMAN was a bookish child who developed a love of math and puzzles at an early age. That passion didn’t change after glaucoma took his eyesight at the age of 14. What changed is the role that technology — and his own innovations — played in helping him pursue his interests.
From The New York Times, January 03, 2009

Ecuador to Invest in Internet at Schools for Sight-Disabled (in Spanish)
Ecuadorian telecommunications regulator Senatel announced that it would deploy internet connectivity at around 60 schools for the visually disabled in 24 provinces across the country The military's polytechnic university will provide 18,500 educational digital books and programs for the equipment that will be supplied by Senatel. It will also be in charge of training students to use IT equipment. Senatel will invest around USD 400 million in the digital library project.
From CONATEL - SENATEL, January 02, 2009

For the Disabled, More Power for Play
GPS devices and airport videophones are just some of the latest gadgets that can help people with disabilities enjoy travel and leisure
From Businessweek, December 23, 2008

IBM Voted India's Employer of the Year
How did we end up with mice? Ease of use, proving the old secretary's adage, "The boss couldn't type, thus the point-and-click mouse was born." IBM has gone several steps beyond the boss's handicap. They address disabilities of sight, hearing, cognition, and mobility. That's why the Employer of the Year 2008 award has been given to IBM by India's Government. The award recognizes companies which empower people who have disabilities. The national award was presented by Indian Vice President Mohammed Hamid Ansari.
From ITExaminer.com, December 19, 2008

Scientists Try to Let the Blind `See' Fish
As brightly colored fish dart in and out of the rocks scattered in a small aquarium, a bewildering melody follows each of their movements. The eerie symphony comes from an "audio aquarium," a contraption dreamed up by Georgia Tech scientists as a way to let blind people experience sea life.
From USA Today, December 18, 2008

Sun Microsystems Leads International Consortium and Wins Grant for Research and Development Project on Technology Accessibility
Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: JAVA) today announced it is leading global efforts in solving accessibility challenges for all devices from cell phones to desktops and Web applications by leading a consortium of over 20 other companies and organizations.
From Sun Microsystems Press Room, December 18, 2008

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