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Daily Headlines 
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Field Hearing: People With Disabilities Need Minor Modifications for Broadband to Work
Panelists at a Federal Communications Commission field hearing on Friday agreed that there should be a national broadband plan that made high-speed internet connections accessible to everyone, including those with hearing, visual and other disabilities.
From BroadbandBreakfast.com, November 09, 2009

Nigeria - Regulations to Provide Special ICT Tools for Physically Challenged, Underway
WITH the number of physically challenged groups of persons constituting 25% of the total Nigerian populace, the Senate Committee Chairman on Communications, Senator Sylvester Anyanwu has said that the Senate and other arms of government would ensure that relevant policies and regulations are put in place to provide specially designed ICT needs of these groups.
From Vanguard, November 08, 2009

Actress Marlee Matlin Testifies Before the FCC Today to Ask for Online Captioning
Two distinguished panels of experts will participate in the Federal Communications Commission’s Nov. 6 hearing at Gallaudet University on broadband access for people with disabilities.
From Media dis&dat, November 06, 2009

Nigeria - Senate, NCC Assure Physically Challenged on Telecoms
The Senate Committee Chairman on Communications, Senator Sylvester Anyanwu, yesterday in Abuja, declared that the physically challenged people in Nigeria are entitled to relevant telecom tools and that the Senate and other arms of government will ensure that the relevant policies and regulations will be put in place to address them.
From Vanguard, November 05, 2009

Nigeria - Persons with Disabilities Demand Access to Computer Education
Persons with disabilities have asked governments at all levels in the country to be more sensitive to their affairs by ensuring that they are allowed access to the knowledge of information, computer and technology (ICT).
From 234next.com, November 05, 2009

European Parliament to Revisit Telecom Regulations
The Members of the European Parliament (MEP) are to convene once more on November 4 to discuss Internet access, along with new rules that are currently being tabled and will be the sole topic up for discussion. At the last meeting on October 6, the Council of EU Telecommunications Ministers formally rejected Parliament’s second-reading amendment on internet access, which dealt with access freedom, indirectly pointed to file sharing and creating a law on disconnecting users that do so illegally.
From ZDNet, November 04, 2009

NFC-based Services Open up New Global Dimension in Payment and Ticketing Areas
NFC is a recent technology offering short-range wireless connectivity which enables smart mobile consumer devices to interact quickly and easily when brought close together or touching. Set up is fast and systems can be intuitively easy to use.
From The Medical News, November 04, 2009

ictQATAR Highlights Progress towards a Networked Nation in 2008 Annual Report
The year 2008 was marked by momentum on many fronts for ictQATAR, the Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology.
From AME info.com, November 02, 2009

Tech Robotics Laboratory Puts Blind Drivers Behind the Wheel
Attaining a driver’s license for most teenagers is a must, but for some groups of people such as the blind, this adolescent rite of passage never comes. However, the Robotics & Mechanisms Laboratory at Virginia Tech, or RoMeLa, is working on a way to fix this.
From Virginia Tech CollegiateTimes.com, November 02, 2009

Asian Nations Find Ways to Web-enable PWDs
The United Nations is looking to find new ways for some 400 million disabled people in the Asia Pacific to get access to the Internet and mobile phone technologies.
From Inquirer.net, October 29, 2009

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