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Daily Headlines 
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New Kindle May Assist Some Visually Impaired (video)
This summer Kindle DX came out with adaptable textbooks for everyone, including people with visual impairment.
From ABC Chicago News, October 29, 2009

Digital Britain: Barriers and Solutions to Internet Use By Persons with Disabilities
The Consumer Expert Group (CEG) was asked in the Digital Britain Report to report on the specific issues facing disabled people using the Internet.
From The Gov Monitor, October 25, 2009

UN Meeting Calls for New Technology Policies for Disabled in Asia-Pacific
A United Nations-backed gathering in the Republic of Korea wrapped up today calling for improved access to Internet and mobile phone technologies, among others, for some 400 million persons with disabilities living in the Asia-Pacific region.
From SperoNews, October 15, 2009

Does Technology Make it Easier or Harder for Disabled Entrepreneurs?
This house believes that technology makes it harder for disabled entrepreneurs. The motion was narrowly defeated when debated at the event organised by WCIT on the 7th October.
From IT-Director.com, October 14, 2009

Singapore, Thailand Renew Commitment to Boost Cooperation under CSEP
Singapore and Thailand have renewed their commitment to boost cooperation under the Civil Service Exchange Programme (CSEP) to ensure the process remains relevant to new challenges arising from a rapidly evolving strategic environment.
From channelnewsasia.com, October 14, 2009

ITU TELECOM WORLD 2009 Reflects New Industry Needs and Realities
Over 2,250 VIPs, including UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Heads of State, Heads of Government, Ministers, Ambassadors, heads of regulatory agencies, and CEOs from around the world, came together for the week-long event, which featured a series of top-level roundtables, meetings and lively debate on the role of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in addressing many of the most pressing issues of our time, such as climate change, global economic recovery and cybersecurity.
From TMC News, October 09, 2009

Art-Reach Offers Hearing and Sight Impaired to Get Full Theater Experience
A new program is setting out to make theaters and other arts-and-cultural attractions more accessible to people who have impaired hearing and sight.
From Philadelphia Business Journal, October 09, 2009

4.6 billion mobile subscriptions by the end of 2009
Latest ITU statistics reveal a thriving global ICT industry, driven by the mobile sector, but also highlight the digital divide
From ITU Newsroom, October 09, 2009

FCC Seeks Comment on Broadband Accessibility
Americans with disabilities will be the focus of an October workshop on national broadband, Broadband Accessibility for People with Disabilities: Barriers, Opportunities, and Policy Recommendations, held by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the US communications Regulator. The workshop builds on a previous workshop, Broadband Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities, held in August 2009.
From Madia Access Australia, October 06, 2009

EC Considers Web Accessibility Legislation
The European Commission has proposed legislating to ensure that all EU nations adopt accessibility rules designed to ease disabled people's access to the web. Information Society and Media Commissioner Viviane Reding has for the first time talked of a 'European Disability Act' that could compel EU nations to adopt web accessibility rules together so that all of Europe's websites become accessible at the same rate.
From The Register, October 05, 2009

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