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Daily Headlines 
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U.S. Access Board Updating Section 508 Disability Regulations
For the first time in a decade, the U.S. Access Board is proposing an update to regulations covering access for disabled people for computer software, Web sites, cell phones and other IT products and devices.
From Federal Computer Week, March 19, 2010

J&R Launches Assistive Technology Boutique for Those with Disabilities
J&R has now designated a whole section of their website called the ‘Assistive Technology Boutique.‘ This section is geared towards people who have vision problems, hearing loss, or issues using standard computers or peripherals. So J&R is now offering an entire section dedicated to selling products that help those with disabilities improve their quality of life. For example – touchscreen computers, amplified telephones, and voice recognition software are just some of the items listed in this new boutique.
From Chip Chick, March 18, 2010

U.S. Access Board Releases Draft Refresh of Section 508 Standards and Section 255 Guidelines
The Board is undertaking an update of its standards for electronic and information technology in the Federal sector covered by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. As part of this effort, it is also updating guidelines for telecommunications products subject to Section 255 of the Telecommunications Act.
From Access Board, March 17, 2010

America's Broadband Revolution: Where We Go From Here
With the National Broadband Plan announced by the FCC this week, U.S. lawmakers now have an opportunity to do something that will truly and positively impact the lives and well-being of every American for decades to come.
From The Huffington Post, March 17, 2010

TIA Hails FCC's National Broadband Plan
TIA endorses the recommendations promoting broadband adoption and deployment using all available technology platforms, and looks forward to working with the FCC, Congress, and the Administration to implement the plan.
From Telecom TV, March 16, 2010

IBM Research on Mobile Devices for Illiterate, Blind, Deaf, and Elderly People
IBM has launched a research project to develop mobile devices for disabled people or people who cannot read. This mobile device will be easier to use. Big Blue cooperate with the Indian National Institute of Design and the Japan Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology are working on this project.
From New Live, March 11, 2010

HR 3101 is Top Mention at National Broadband Plan Forums
March 10, 2010, at the "National Broadband Plan and Accessibility for People with Disabilities Conference," held in Washington, DC numerous speakers mentioned H.R. 3101 and its provisions as critical to ensuring broadband is accessible and affordable to people with disabilities.
From COAT News, March 10, 2010

AbleNet International Business VP, Adam Wing is Presenting Latest Assistive Technology Solutions at REHAB Dubai 2010 Conference and Dubai Autism Center
USA's Vice President of International Business, Adam Wing, will be making two presentations in Dubai. The Dubai Autism Center and the Dubai International Rehabilitation Forum have Wing presenting on March 16, 2010 on assistive technology solutions for those with a broad range of disability.
From Market Watch, March 09, 2010

Ireland - Enabled and Well Connected
The high-tech world is gradually catching up with those who have disabilities by providing assistive technology that delivers results
From The Irish Times, March 09, 2010

Lip-Reading Could Come to Mobile Phones
German invention means 'silent communication' could end commuters' irritation with mobile phone conversations
From Telegraph UK, March 08, 2010

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