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Daily Headlines 
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Icann Announces Huge Expansion Of Web Domain Names From 2012
The internet naming board Icann has decided to allow the number of internet "domains" to expand enormously in one of the biggest changes ever to the Internet's method of naming sites. New website suffixes should start appearing late in 2012 and could be categorized by subjects including industry, geography and ethnicity and include Arabic, Chinese and other scripts.
From www.guardian.co.uk, June 20, 2011

Opinion: Barriers to Improving the Accessibility Game Plan
This past March, Jared Smith moderated a session at CSUN titled "Do We Need To Change the Web Accessibility Game Plan". The discussion at and after the session was filled with interesting perspectives. The diversity of viewpoints demonstrates what a complex topic this really is. I’d like to take my stab at addressing this topic, inspired by this blog post by Vlad Alexander which kicked off the original conversation.
From www.karlgroves.com, June 20, 2011

USA: Government Falters in Effort to Reduce Massive Backlog of Disability Hearings
In his May 2007 testimony to Congress about the state of the Social Security Administration (SSA), Commissioner Michael J. Astrue focused on the problem of the surging growth in the number of individuals awaiting a hearing on their requests for disability benefits. Astrue described an ambitious plan the agency had recently launched "to eliminate the backlog of hearing requests" by 2012 and also "to prevent its recurrence.
From www.bespacific.com, June 20, 2011

Africa: How to Accelerate Wireless Broadband Access to the First Mile
Just 9.6% of the total population in Africa has access to the Internet. This is less than 1/5th and 1/6th of the rate in the Americas and Europe, respectively. But this statistic does not convey the real situation in the world’s poorest countries. Of Africa’s 48 sub-­Saharan countries, 29 (60%) have total Internet usage rates (at any speed) of less than 3%, and 15 (31%) show less than 1%. Broadband access rates are far lower still.
From www.ictdev.org, June 20, 2011

USA: National Association of the Deaf Files Disability Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Netflix
The National Association of the Deaf (NAD), the nation's premier civil rights organization of deaf and hard of hearing individuals, announced the filing of a major federal lawsuit against Netflix today in U.S. District Court, District of Massachusetts, Western Division in Springfield, MA.
From www.sfgate.com, June 17, 2011

People With Intellectual Disabilities Struggle With Budget Cuts, Recession
A new national report from the advocacy organization "The Arc" finds that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have been hit hard by the recession and budget cuts, affecting both services and employment opportunities.
From www.newsworks.org/, June 17, 2011

Ireland: Disability Services Review Pledged
Independent inspections of homes for people with an intellectual disability are to begin shortly, the Government has confirmed. Minister for State with responsibility for Disability Kathleen Lynch said today she had urged the Health Information and Quality Authority (Hiqa) to commence inspections as soon as possible. The authority is already charged with inspecting nursing homes and Ms Lynch said a similar inspection process would be used in residential settings for people with an intellectual disability.
From www.irishtimes.com, June 16, 2011

Study Helps Pinpoint Math Disability
Burgeoning research into students’ difficulties with mathematics is starting to tease out cognitive differences between students who sometimes struggle with math and those who have dyscalculia, a severe, persistent learning disability in math.
From www.edweek.org, June 16, 2011

White House to Decide if Treaty for the Blind Moves Forward
Beginning Wednesday, June 15, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) the specialized UN agency for intellectual property, begins nine days of negotiations on possible copyright treaties. The first three days will be spent on a proposed treaty on exceptions to copyright for persons who are blind or have other disabilities. The proposed treaty would bind parties to creating minimum exceptions in copyright laws to facilitate access to copyrighted works by persons who are blind, visually impaired or have other disabilities, and permit the sharing of copies of such accessible works across borders.
From www.huffingtonpost.com, June 15, 2011

New Software 'Hearing Dummies' Pave the Way for Tailor-Made Hearing Aids
New software 'hearing dummies' are part of cutting-edge research that promises to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of hearing impairments. The work could also be used in the long-term to develop a radical new type of hearing aid that can be customised using the hearing dummy to meet the different needs of individual patients. If the procedures gain clinical acceptance, a device could reach the market within 4 years.
From www.sciencedaily.com, June 15, 2011

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