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Daily Headlines 
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How Can Technology Improve Accessibility for People with Disability?
The Al Jazeera Stream concludes its week at the 2018 SXSW Conference & Festivals with a look at innovations in disability and assistive technology.
From Al Jazeera, March 15, 2018

Is the EU Public Sector Ready for the Web Accessibility Directive?
Bryn Anderson of Siteimprove introduces the incoming EU legislation that will require all government entities to make their websites more accessible.
From Public Technology, March 09, 2018

ComcastLaunches New Accessible TV Features for 2018 Paralympics
Comcast NBCUniversal adds new assistive technologies for viewers with disabilities and will broadcast the Paralympics with video description.
From Multi Channel, March 09, 2018

Classical Sculptures Raise Prosthetic Limbs for Disability Rights
The nonprofit Handicap International outfitted the Venus de Milo and other statues with 3D-printed prosthetic limbs to raise awareness of the global need for prosthetics.
From Hyperallergic, March 09, 2018

Can Technology Really Give Voice to Disabled People
Technologies largely thought to universally empower the "voiceless" are still subject to disempowering structural inequalities.
From Pacific Standard, March 06, 2018

Australia: Industry Push To Make Online Banking More Accessible For Disabled
According to a recent test conducted by Siteimprove, of the 50 websites of Australia’s largest financial organizations, on average 41% of their website content is not accessible to the disabled.
From Which 50, March 05, 2018

Microsoft Launches Soundscape, Latest iOS Accessibility App
Microsoft’s latest iOS accessibility app gives directions via 3D audio to persons with visual disabilities. It recommends AirPods for use.
From 9 to 5 Mac, March 02, 2018

How Making Inaccessible Websites Illegal in Norway Changed the Conversation Between Developers and Clients for the Better
When Norway made inaccessible websites illegal it changed the conversation between developers & clients for the better suggesting that having aesthetics and accessibility at the same time is possible.
From Medium, February 18, 2018

4 iOS Accessibility Apps For People With Disabilities
The article covers 4 accessibility apps for iOS and macOS users with disabilities that make it easier to use mobile phones.
From Mac Observer, February 17, 2018

How Technology Can Help People with Disabilities
Can technology provide solutions to the various difficulties people with disabilities face in areas where full accessibility is lacking? This podcast takes a closer look to answer these questions.
From The Guardian, February 16, 2018

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