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Daily Headlines 
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Pakistan: Barrier-free Campuses for Handicapped
Pakistan’s first Independent Living Centre (making disabled persons’ access to campuses unhindered) is to be set up at the Lahore College for Women University. Japan’s Milestone and Mainstream Association International will provide assistance and guidance for the centre, University VC Prof. Dr. Sabiha Mansoor told a seminar held at the campus on Thursday.
From nation.com.pk, August 04, 2011

USA: Intellectual Disability Gene 'Discovered'
In what could be called a major finding, scientists claim to have discovered a gene linked to intellectual disability. Intellectual disability is a broad term describing individuals with limitations in mental abilities and in functioning in daily life. It affects one to three per cent of the population and is often caused by genetic defects. A team at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, led by Dr John Vincent, has identified defects on the gene, MAN1B1, among five families in which 12 children had intellectual disability.
From ibnlive.in.com, August 04, 2011

RIBA-II: The Next Generation Care-Giving Robot
A new robot using high-precision tactile sensors and flexible motor control technology has taken Japan one step closer to its goal of providing high-quality care for its growing elderly population. Developed by researchers at RIKEN and Tokai Rubber Industries (TRI), the new robot can lift a patient up to 80 kg in weight off floor-level bedding and into a wheelchair, freeing care facility personnel of one of their most difficult and energy-consuming tasks.
From www.sciencedaily.com, August 04, 2011

Apple Activates Assistive Touch in iOS 5 Beta 3
In the latest iOS 5 beta, Apple has activated the new "Assistive Touch" features for the iPad. The Assistive Touch settings were in place in iOS's accessibility settings in previous betas, but is only now active. The new features are meant to provide additional interactivity for those who might have trouble using the traditional gestures and buttons on the iPad.
From www.macrumors.com, August 04, 2011

IBM Develops Full-text Digitization System for National Diet Library of Japan
The prototype technology, created by IBM Research, allows full-text digitization of Japanese literature to be quickly realized through expansive recognition of Japanese characters and enabling users to collaboratively review and correct language characters, script and structure. Additionally, the full-text digitization system is designed to promote future international collaborations and standardization of libraries around the world.
From www-03.ibm.com, August 03, 2011

South Korea Gives USD2 Billion to Turn all Textbooks Digital
Following a pilot project reported last year in The Chronicle, the South Korean education ministry said it would invest USD2 billion to turn all print textbooks into digital form, store them on a cloud-based network, and supply them to students on tablet computers by 2015.
From chronicle.com, August 03, 2011

Universities Join Together to Support Open-Access Policies
The University of Kansas has had a faculty-approved open-access mandate in place since 2009. What it hasn’t had is a group of like-minded institutions to share ideas with about how to support such policies. Today Kansas and 21 other universities and colleges announced that they’re joining forces to form the Coalition of Open Access Policy Institutions, or Coapi. The new group will “collaborate and share implementation strategies, and advocate on a national level,” it said in a statement.
From chronicle.com, August 03, 2011

Break to Include: Panel Discussions on the World Report on Disability
Following the Launch of the World Report on Disability on June 9, 2011 a panel discussion was held at the United Nation, New York. Panel moderation duties were shared by the coauthors. The first panel was chaired by Aleksandra Posarac, Lead Economics and Team Leader of the HDNSP Disability & Development Team at the World Bank. The first panel addressed the substantive chapters. Each chapter was summarized by either an Editorial Committee member or a chapter author and discussed by a guest speaker. Questions were solicited from the large assembly for further discussion.
From web.worldbank.org, August 03, 2011

mHealth USA: Government Launches USD80K Contest for Best Cancer Prevention Mobile App
It was announced recently that the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) has launched a contest with an $80,000 cash prize to whoever can develop the best consumer mobile application to help prevent and control cancer.
From www.mobilemarketingwatch.com, August 03, 2011

Opinion: Closed Captioning - Getting Your Lines Right
As lecture capture and distance learning take hold in higher ed, colleges pursue different approaches to the issue of closed captioning and transcription.
From campustechnology.com, August 02, 2011

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