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Daily Headlines 
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How Deaf People in the Philippines are Using Social Media for Advocacy
Deaf people in the Phillippines are using social media platforms that allow visual communication, where they can post videos and pictures, to push advocacy efforts. Social media platforms also provide news for the deaf community in sign language.
From Rappler, September 08, 2017

Can Digital Learning Create an Inclusive Classroom
The Equality Act of 2010 ensures that all universities provide learning support and special equipment to students with disabilities. However, in order to create inclusive classrooms, efforts must also go towards utilizing digital learning methods that incorporate accessible learning content and methods of sharing them with all students.
From Oxford Education Blog, September 08, 2017

How Robotics and Other Tech Enhances the Quality of Life for Persons with Disabilities
Recent efforts in robotics engineering and other technology solutions are providing accommodations that are enhancing the quality of daily living for persons with disabilities.
From Santa Fe New Mexican, September 05, 2017

A new Accessibility App to Help Design with Accessibility
A new app called Contrast developed for Mac and targeted towards UI designers and web developers, provides easy access to WCAG color contrast ratios, to design with accessibility in mind. It provides a color picker that allows for quick sampling and testing out out colors. The app automatically updates and gives instant feedback on how accessible the design is.
From Beautiful Pixels, September 04, 2017

3D Printed Prosthetics Help Employment for Persons with Disabilities
As 3D printers become more affordable, with some available for less than $200, the possibility of anyone being able to design and print a prosthetic limb in their home or local community is rapidly becoming a reality.
From The New Times, September 03, 2017

The Inaccessible Web: How Did We Get There?
Accessibility needs to be embedded in how we learn to make digital products. There is a lot that can be done to emphasize for web accessibility and digital inclusion. This is a critical as otherwise we will be creating websites and apps to be accessed, yet treating accessibility like an optional extra.
From UX Design, September 02, 2017

Piero: A Tech Device That Helps Make Doors Hands Free for Persons on Wheelchairs
A Utah based startup has developed a device to make all doors hands-free. The technology requires wheelchair users to use a smartphone app or a key fob that interacts with the retrofitted door via Bluetooth.
From Good 4 Utah, September 02, 2017

Philippines: Senate Urged to Provide Sign Language Interpreters During Hearings & Sessions
The Senate of Philippines was urged through a resolution to provide sign language interpreters for persons with hearing disabilities attending Senate sessions and hearings. The resolution comes in light of improving the participation of persons with disabilities in matters of national development and promoting the rights based in the Philippines Magna Carta for Disabled Persons.
From Philippine Canadian Inquirer, September 01, 2017

CONADISRD & G3ict Hold First Inclusive ICT Seminar in the Dominican Republic
The National Disability Council (CONADIS), in collaboration with the Global Initiative for Inclusion of ICTs (G3ICT), organized the "First Seminar on Inclusive Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Dominican Republic". The seminar promoted the exchange of information and collaboration between key representatives of ICT accessibility policies and disability in government, organizations of persons with disabilities, businesses. The seminar discussed Mobile and Web accessibility, and Public procurement of ICT products and services among other key accessibility themes to promote in the Dominican Republic.
From Diario Social RD, September 01, 2017

Incorporating Accessibility into Project Development is a Matter of Priorities
Project managers often avoid implementing accessibility in the mistaken belief that implementing accessibility is hard and slows down the development process. The real problem, however, lies in the lack of expertise. Incorporating accessibility is then more a matter of education, knowledge, priorities, and decisional processes.
From Yoast, September 01, 2017

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