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Daily Headlines 
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Electronic Health Records Benefit Patients
More hospitals and doctors' offices are using health information technology (health IT). And that's good news for patients. One of the most popular uses of health IT is the electronic health record. These records put your health information — medical history, medicines, allergies, test results and more — in one place. This saves you and your medical team time. It also reduces the chance of an error — such as getting a drug you're allergic to. A complete electronic health record is particularly helpful in an emergency.
From www.aarp.org, August 09, 2011

Feature: Communicating with the Deaf and Speech Impaired
One of the most important cases that affect business owners in New Jersey is a case where a deaf patient repeatedly requested that her doctor hire a sign language interpreter. When the doctor refused to provide a sign language interpreter after repeated requests over a period of some 18 months, the deaf patient sued. At the end of the trial, the jury awarded $400,000 to the deaf patient. To learn more about this case, see NJ Doctor Sued for Refusing to Provide ASL Interpretation, Doctor Liable for Not Providing Sign Language Interpreter, and The Price of Disability Law.
From stoloff-law.com, August 08, 2011

mHealth: India Turns to Mobile Phones in Bid to Improve Vaccination Rate
India’s health minister announced a new initiative underway to boost the country’s rate of immunizing newborns by collecting mobile phone numbers of all pregnant mothers to monitor their babies’ vaccinations.
From blogs.wsj.com, August 08, 2011

Investments in Digital Health Spike, but mHealth Barriers Remain
Rock Health published the Rock Report: State of Digital Health on August 2, 2011, which provided data demonstrating that investment in digital health is increasing dramatically. In its report, Rock combined studies from Capital IQ, CrunchBase, NVCA, Dow Jones VentureSource, and its own survey of 110-early stage digital health entrepreneurs, which show the direct correlation between which developers are receiving venture capital (VC) and who their target consumer is.
From www.mobilemarketingwatch.com, August 08, 2011

Citizen's Voice: Internet Must Become More Accessible for Those with Disabilities
Last month, the United States Department of Justice again deferred action on Web accessibility regulations in the United States for commercial and public entities, delaying a decision on this important issue most likely until 2013 at the earliest. At the same time, a study in the May 2011 issue of Government Information Quarterly found that more than 90 percent of federal websites were not accessible to those with a disability, despite government regulations and mandates that all government sites be accessible.
From www.knoxnews.com, August 08, 2011

AT&T Launching Social Gaming Platform for Android
AT&T and mobile social games company ngmoco announced a new partnership agreement. According to the nature and structure of the partnership, AT&T will bring the Mobage social gaming platform to AT&T customers. Mobage will serve as a “hub” for AT&T Android users to discover and play games, as well as connect and communicate with other players around the world.
From www.mobilemarketingwatch.com, August 08, 2011

mHealth: Mothers in Mali Battle against Malaria with Mobile Phones
A groups of mothers who work as community health workers in poor neighborhoods in the capital city of Bamako, Mali are going to use mobile phones to prevent, diagnose and treat malaria in a more effective way.
From www.iicd.org, August 05, 2011

Inclusive Employment Model Gaining Steam
Inspired by Walgreens’ efforts to bring people with disabilities into the workforce, another Fortune 500 company is giving inclusive employment a try. Proctor & Gamble opened a packaging facility this week in Auburn, Maine where at least 30 percent of employees will be people with physical or developmental disabilities.
From www.disabilityscoop.com, August 05, 2011

Adobe Launches the Expressive Web in Beta
We recently launched a beta of new site we have been working on, called theexpressiveweb.com. This is a project we have put together with the help of Big Spaceship with the goal of creating both a resource and showcase that highlights some of the most creative and expressive features being added to the web today (see Figure 1). In addition to highlighting and providing information on twelve new HTML5 and CSS3 features, the site itself makes extensive use of new features such as CSS3 transitions, CSS3 transforms, web storage and more to provide a visually compelling resource for learning more about HTML5 and CSS3.
From www.adobe.com, August 05, 2011

Babies to Get Their Own Tablet Computer
With the way things are going, it can’t be too long before we see the unveiling of a curved tablet with straps attached, designed to fit snugly around the protruding bulge of an expectant mother. Such a device would be pre-loaded with an assortment of educational apps designed to give little Johnny or Jane a brainful of useful knowledge prior to their arrival in the big wide world.
From www.digitaltrends.com, August 05, 2011

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